Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The so-called 'Premium' Sandwich

As always, i easily get cheated by nice and neat finishing... like this one: so-called 'premium' sandwich! It costs me about 5 bucks and of course i'd expect juicy slices of chicken, fresh green lettuces, crunchy cucumbers, fresh tomatoes and most importantly - the creamy slightly sweet salty mayonnaise!! Right?! Those are the key ingredients that made up hell of a good sandwich!! Right?

But this so-called "Premium" Chicken Mayo is something looked good from the outside but sucks from the inside! It doesn't really have much of a taste at all!!!! And where the hell is MAYO? I flipped open each side, saw none but one or two "dying" cucumbers, lettuces and tomato... OMG!! That's so "premium"!!! -___-"

It's not a sandwich anymore without single dab of mayo... esp one called PREMIUM CHICKEN MAYO.

Cmon! Let's Chug A Lug!

I dunno why, but i've been visiting A&W quite frequent recently... even just for a glass of root beer. haha... 'beer' huh?! Yes, exactly!!! At least this 'beer' won't make me dizzy or spining and most importantly, it comes with a scoop of ice-cream!! Yay!

I've been thinking of buying that big mug too! You know, it's "DIY" - you can have it at home whenever you want to, all you have to do is just get the big mug chilled before pouring in the drink... and the great part is, you can add-on as many scoops of ice-cream as you like! (yes "SCOOPS"!!) So, the big mug is very important!! It's a MUST!! As the taste you drink it from the bottle or canned is way more different than you drink it from its chilled mug... that's true!

Hey, the fried chicken from A&W is surprisingly good too!! I've been eating it quite often as it's really better than KFC!!

There's a small mart next to the office and that's where i grab my lunchie... but as i said, the taste from the canned one is totally different.

p/s: i know i've been contradicting myself in a previous post about A&W... okay, just bear me:- never try never know, rigth? So let the 'bear' has its day!