Monday, August 24, 2009


monday... T__T....
Really pissed off early in the morning after reading SHIT's email! -bout the BM translation tat my coll (the receptionist) did...n bout the website tat i did last week. Rili angry bout it cus it's not Letch's job to do all the translation! They suppose to send to the translator to do the job! but they DIDNT! JUST 'COS THEY WANT TO SAVE N THEN CHARGE CLIENT HIGHER! while she's jst receptionist! n now, after all the hard works....n to get this email, pointed to Letch....indicated she'll goin to translate more n more in the future!!! SIAO! this was not the first time aldy! even v designer oso hv to do the translations!! u see how terrible The SHITs r!!

Well...not only this! bout he website pula! shit!!!! now come back want to change it all!!!! u know wat! cus they nvr show the visual nor the layout design to client first b4 i proceed the web! as usual, they very Lan Lek , terus ask me to proceed to do!!! n never brief me wat exactly client want! (most of the time, v do more than wat client want!! those tat unnecessary !! those tat ddnt make-sense+wasting-time works! all thx to The SHITs). n now pula, ask me to totally change it!! @#%$&(*&)!! RILI HATE THEM!!!! arrghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

UP! UP! Here i come!

Im goin to watch this ...

Sick Sick Sick

**rewind button v go........

Tuesday, 18 August 2009; *coughng.....

Wednesday, 19 August 2009;
*cough! *cough *cough...the cough getting really serious, n sore throat afterward.
Couldnt concentrate on my works at all & feeling very dizzy! Damn boss, gv me so many works to do+rushng me to finish 'em+addng new job!

*stressed *stressed *stressed! rili hate those 2-Cheapcakes! suddenly gv me another new job which was suppose done by another col! "hello! just 'cos client want it in html, doesnt mean he cannot do it! why everything related to html/website hv to push it to me!" "Summore pass me the job on Monday 5pm! (oh yeah! i still rememberred n i was really really freaking out!) n then wat:::::ask me to finish n show to u all on Wed n send to client on Fri!!!1 bullshit!!! WTH!!!!

• (website+bilingual)Many things on hand which hvnt finished which the SHITs said very very urgent!

• suddenly threw me another VERY URGENT html job! n given me only few days yo complete! bullshits!

• this new job(oso bilingual) hv to be translated in BM version--but the SHITs so stingy enough to send to translator n then asked us helped in those translation parts! (everytimes v hv to do translation job!! WTH,so The SHITS can save the translation cost n charge the client more!!!)

Monday already OT alone n helped them! layout design done! the next day--increased more html pages! SHITS! and then other jobs cuming back to do amndments lar...this lar tat lar... damn stressed!!!!! and Tuesday- OT alone again! cos of The SHITS!!

Wednesday : cough-getting-serious-day. The SHITS being soo sarcastc n ''stabbed-me-frm-behind'' telling the receptionist tat I WILL MC tmrw !! eh... ppl coughing like hell!!!! u The SHITS ddnt care at all but give me ANOTHER NEW JOB which was oso suppose not done by me this month!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! i was sooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL DELAY IT PURPOSELY!!!!!!!! cus i couldnt finish all the job at once aldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! summore i was sick!!! n u The SHIT push me more works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed night : wow....lot of ppl fell sick oso! i went to the clinic straightly after work....btu i was patient No.14! no cchoice...but to wait.....since i was there head was sooo sooo painful tat i would've fainted anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was sooo worried tat i might get H1N1!!!! n so i waited n waited......................finally my turned to see doc!!!! (after waiting for nearly 3 hrs)!
n luckily i ddnt infected by the deadly virus......relieved*

Thurs : MC (yes, SHITs) and i should've request two days MC! but i nvr thought of it!!

Fri : get back to works........feeling dizzy........yes.......done the website which The SHITs said hv to passed to client on tat day....but....aiii.....again.....they ddnt passed.... either The SHITS lied to us or delayed the client's deadline by pretending they forgot! which The SHITS used to do. (the client aldy very fed up with The SHITs aldy-knew it from AE).


oh yeah.... our AE resigned~! n thus left 5 ppl in the office. (The SHITS +1receptionst+2designers).
good to resign!! rather than stayng here to smell The SHITs everyday! since they damn stingy enough n always use the same excuse : oh...forgot wor~!!! die lar, SHITs!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Trip blew off

If everything goin well, i might on my way to Cameron Highland with my family now...having steamboat,fresh veg,eating juicy corns,sweet pineapple...etc.....but....*sigh *sigh. Due to some kind of reasons....our date postponed n then cant get the apartment from my dad's fren...n then blah Cameron Trip Plan is put on-hold aldy!!!!! damn it! n then i couldnt apply leave oso!! i feel so bad.......... then monday hv to work at this lousy office.....n then hv to see the two most stingy+cheapcake bosses on earth.... shiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Addicted to these >>

This game rili a big hit nowadays huh, everyone is playing it! and all my friens is playing it now...and they r addicted to it! even though u lost all ya money, u'll b given a sum of money the next day! u just hv to wait for the next day to cont.! cont the revenge! n to cont to win Big Money! tat's all.... haha...but i keep losing money T__T... and everyday i hv to wait the small sum of money which is just $368 <---- Not Enough At All!! cus when i was rili bad luck, i could LOSE ALL just in ONE GAME!!! >_<>>>

Another one > called Crazy Planet.... it sure did crazy! 'til u need to ("have to") kill ya comrade to win the medal.... though i kill it...i still hvnt got har!? i even make my comrade suicide huh?! guess i would never win tat medal....
And then this one... 'til i achieved 1ST Place!!!! wuahhhaahhhaaa!!!! n being called ALIEN! (cus no human being can beat this score!?) wuahhaahaa!!!! Jst simply Incredible!!!!!!
p/s: all thx to Facebook to provide all those interesting games!