Friday, November 26, 2010


yay, looking forward to watch this movie!


Family Trip

It’s been a lil since I left my blog far behind, so now I gotta force myself sit down ‘n ‘fill in the blank’ for the past few days... here we go~

But before that, allow me to have a sip of my hot white coffee first….

Okay we had this family trip, a 'crazy' trip with a bunch of relatives, a dozen to be exact, and with only 2 cars! Tell you what, all of my aunties were sized XXL! Gosh! Sh*! At the beginning our car was just 3 people ( I was the only one sitting behind and I still able to 'rock 'n roll inside), but then because of the large crowd, another 3 people had to squeezed in our car! WTH! Because of that, i was like a deflated balloon and turned into a tiny weeny anchovy stuck at the far end of the seat + leaned against the door and unable to move!! (‘cos their XXL bum took up all the spaces!WTH!) C'mon! and it was about one hour drive, so I had to keep frozen before got out of the car! And gratefully the tyres were so strong to carry us all up to the hill… to the top… to Genting! pheww… whatta trip!

Then they brought grandma in her wheelchair into the casino. Actually I’m not so close with my grandma, I barely know her, she lives quite far away, she speaks hokkien but I don’t, so sometimes I don’t know how to communicate with her, sometimes I speak Cantonese with her, but didn’t know what she answered. She’s a smoker, a heavy smoker indeed, so I’m quite afraid of standing next to her…

Then I walked into the casino to join them and walk around…. suffocating… and I almost fainted because of the smoke! My grandma lagi in her wheelchair, one hand on cigarette, one hand on the chips…wahlau eh!! what a scene… speechless… super nana were gambling…

That night I couldn’t fall asleep, caught a flu and running nose, until almost 6am… then Zzzz…. it’s very hard and frustrated to push myself into slumber. Then I was a walking corpse the next day, damn…

Eventually I wasn’t function well the following days, most of my time were lying on the couch or sleeping on the bed – charging myself up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, knock it off!

You see, it is really frustrating when there's a construction goin on nearby where you're staying. I haven't had a peaceful and a quiet day since then. All the disturbing noises, the non-stop drilling, the welding and then suddenly loud knocking Pang! Pang! Pung! Pung! Tung! Tung! Arghhh! That's really killing me! And i think i'm gonna suffered for another 8-9 months may be or more than a year! Hell no.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let me down again

What exactly had happened these two days, first i couldn't get my pocket, then this morning, i couldnt get my bike! Why this always happen on me? Why i always is so unlucky? Am i being cursed or what? T_T.

Okay, I woke up so damn early this morning even though i barely had enough of sleep last night due to my excitement about the cycling thing, and my adrenaline sort of trembling crazily when i think of cycling around the park. Okay i'm not insane, just that i stopped cycling since i started my secondary school, it's been a long time and i really miss cycling again, you know. Alright, back to my story, actually we'd planned to go to Taman Pertanian early in the morning and our main purpose goin there was to do the cycling, oh-yea, cycling!! Even though it seemed pretty early, but when we reached there, the car park was almost occupied, can you believe it!? Early birds!! Wow, wait a minute, when we heading to the bike counter, there're alot of people waited there like us ,so the queue was inevitably long. Wow! I never thought so many people here...WOW! We're still late then!

After waiting for almost half an hour, then one of the people working there shouted NO MORE BIKE!!!

"What? NO MORE BIKE"? are you kidding me!? no more bike? there're still alot of people queued and waited here! Gosh....give me a break!!! We woke up so early, came down this far, paid the parking fee and the admission fee and now u told us NO BIKE! OMG!

That's mean we came here for nothing, so we call it off ... that's it... end of our exploration.

The End

p/s: Seriously, they should prepare more bikes and upgrade the place a little!!

I spotted Sandy's family there!

I manage to snap one pic after all the disappointments

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I went to Pipit Wonderful Market 5 for the first time today. It's amazing seeing all the talented designers there, and their beautiful display too. So the first thing after entering the gallery was looking for the Bunny Pocket~ which i longed to have it desperately. Then finally i saw the familiar name hung over the wall and ValerieYan herself too! Wow, then i approached her unit and tried to look for bunny. Yet there's no sight of them!! and my heart was like sank a 'lil... 'NO'... so i asked her no matter what and she told me 'out of stock' (which i probably knew she'd hv answered that). ai..... but good news is, she would order more stocks and ask me to place the order via her website.... aiii..... so sad... and i've to break my promise to my friend then. Sorry buddy, couldnt get you one today!! Bunny....bunny.....

By the way, it's been almost 10 years since my last visit there i guess, and a bit of nostalgia too. The place i used to hang out with my friends, the same old cafe nearby where we grabbed our quick bite before the tuition class, the same old Mc D where i took lunch back then. Those buildings were already covered with flaky old paint, yet still very crowded and still a hot spot for tourists too. if it's not because of the PWM, i think i wouldn't come back here again... thanks, i've my wonderful moment there!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr. Monk

yea, truly the OCD  (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
 After watching the episod 'Mr Monk and the End', i never thought they really put an END to it! I thought it's the End for Season 8, and there would be a whole new season after and after and later on!? But i was abit upset after google it 'cos it's really the END! yes THE END!! I felt like a sudden hit onto my head.

Every story will not last forever, it still will be ended when the time come. So, i prefer watching happy ending to a sad one. And i'm glad 'Mr Monk and the End' was a good ending; no wonder Sharona came back in one of the episodes, revealed that she and Randy were together and Randy resigned then move to New Jersey to her; Leland finally met a beautiful lady and get married (Monk was soo overwhelmed when he was asked to became his best man, wow and you know what, Monk was incharged of the bachelor party and they having the bachelor party at Monk's house!? can't you believe it?! haha....that's crazy! Pizza without anything, not even cheese on it! Bathroom in the bathroom?!); and at the end of the whole series, Monk was not alone anymore , 'cos he has his 'family' (hey, not that doggy that he adopted), Monk has a daughter, Trudy's daughter, and yes he'd finally solved Trudy's case after all that years... ah... ...

I still can't believe Monk has ended this fast! I'd definitely watch again! May be you think he's just a freak, but he's a real genius! He can see what other people can't see, he's too human! Even though he's not a people person. Well, if there are more people like Monk, then our world will be very peaceful....neat and clean..... haha... let's do the hand thing!

"You'd thank me later."


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pipit Wonderful Market V

I'm so excited seeing this poster!! I'm so soo excited! This is the fifth time they having this wonderful bazaar here. So cool!! and i won't miss this for sure!! and i'm goin to bring back the bunny pocket as well!!! wooow hohohoh....... just you wait you lil bunny! I'm coming!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

JULIAN SMITH - Jellyfish

: Beatboxing :

: Guitar joined in :

psh.. psh..psh..pshh


Jelly + Fish... Jellyfish.... 

Take some jelly, take some fish, make that sandwish deli-ous...just make sure you don't eat, or real jellyfish...or YOU"LL DIE....hahaha....BOOM!!!

I love this short video very much, it's so funny!! Of course, who do you think he is, he is Julian Smith! I can't get enough of his videos, and he is cute too~ hehe.... the first time i get to know him was from one of his videos called '' 25 things i hate about Facebook ". That video was pretty creative and funny at the same time, eventually i started following him in youTube and then his website. ... and i missed Gabrielle too... yea, the fella who kidnapped Julian for days... turned out he's not that terrible, at least he didn't torture him much... Gabrielle still fed him anyway, brushing his teeth, combing his hair... i guess Gabrielle started to like him!! haha, that's why Gabrielle went back for Julian and seek for his forgiveness? fact he was haunted, haunted by the fact that he didn't kill julian when he had the chance?! But i don't think Gabrielle is that kind of person~ gosh. And the most ridicolous part was Gabrielle trying to make him open the door; 

Julian: "Look, i'm not opening the door, okay."
Gabrielle: "Well, may be you won't for me, but you'd have to for the 'The Pizzaman'."
Julian: "I didn't order pizza."
Gabrielle: "Yes, you did..." then straightaway Gabrielle called and ordered pizza on phone...

hahaha.....damn funny! By the way, he is really good at capturing and editing the videos, but those are nothing without the creativity and the talent he possessed! Hoping one day he will become a well known director and produce more and more good movies!

Here's another one... haha....
Never ever tell your kids Bedtime story like this... haha

This one is more hilarious...haha... i love you so much..


One of the songs from Chris Garneau - Dirty Night Clowns. This MV goes pretty well with the song and i like it. Not because they're puppets but the setting remind me of the film "Corpse Bride" and that boy puppet abit look like Victor too! Nice... and i like Chris Garneau's voice and music too, they're like bringing you to another world of wonders, flying in the starry sky, cuddling the puffy clouds somehting like that. So, it's good to listen to his song before you go to bed..hahahha

Monday, November 8, 2010

You wanna be a doll?

What would it be like if you're a doll? Neither paper doll nor lifeless doll, but a real walking and talking doll!? So cool ~ way more cooler than a mere puppet, 'cos doll is not attached with strings or being controlled or manipulated by its master and what's more, doll is more beautiful! Yay! I guess i watch too much of Dollhouse, that's why keep day-dreaming of being a doll?! Anyway this tv series is quite interesting and different too, 'cos most the time dolls are depicted as creepy eerie thingy in horror movies, right! -e.g the serial killer Chucky (Child's Play) and Dead Silence, haha...i wonder who started using this doll idea in horror movies, 'cos it's really creepy, you know.

But luckily this Dollhouse is not another scary tv series, these dolls are just a bunch of people with their memories wiped and then inserted new memories and personalities for their mission. Thus, they could be anybody according to their mission. hey, I'd just finished the first season, and find it really interesting, so i'd cont until the last ep then.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


haha...I saw my friend posted in her FB lately wishing for a Delete button (luckily she's not hoping for a Shut Down button), but why Delete button when you can opt for other better button right? There're so many buttons.... Delete means gone n vanished forever, unless you want to crawl back to the recycle bin and restore it? hm...what if that is a sad memory or assignment that you badly done or any other thing, by deleting and restoring them back still wouldn't solve anything, they are still there. If they're deleted, then whatever you've done or go through would be forever disappeared too, don't you think it's little too wasteful to vanish them like that? There would be something wonderful in it too!? May be you havn't realized yet, such as the experiences you gained in the process...there're just too valuable to give away...mmm....

Anyway, if there's such power ever existed on those button, then i'd go for "CTRL+Z" which is also Undo button. Then this become so handly whenever you did something wrong or unsatisfy on what you've done. At least you still got the 2nd chance to Undo it and make it right again! Yes, again and cool is that! Then you'd never regret, regret no more...

If there's such button, then i'd choose it right, do it wise, and make everything fine.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 hair

Oh my god! I'm so upset, i'm so angry looking myself on the mirror!!! I'm so regret to cut my hair this short!! It's too short!! That's why i hate to go to salon, 'cos this happened! I already told the hair-stylist not too short, and she seemed she understood what i want! But now...*sigh, i picked the wrong one -  this salon was just opened not long ago, and there's only two hairstylist working there... plus not many people go in there too!! Shit! I should've known that! I swear i'd never walk in that salon anymore!!!

So now, i have to stay inside, locked myself up and won't go out for months!!! unless my hair grows back!! shiiiiiitt

Monday, November 1, 2010