Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Save the turtle, save the world"

Turtle! Turtle eggs, turtle blah blah.... for sum kind of reasons, i've to 'work' with tuuurtlee for at least 4 months!!!! oh my turtle... if the photo is nice thn nvm larr....but if the photo very yuk xun...aiyoo...headache!! pheew, luckily my third turtle hasnt come yet...oh yea, talkng bout turle-now i remember, last 2 weeks got a "turtle guy" approached me oso~ haha...actually was WWF crew member larr, i thought he'd share bout the environment's info or ask for donation or watever....manatahu, he talked bout TURTLE!!!! turtle AGAIN... aiiyoo! at tat moment, i rili wanna told him bout my turle job to shut him up...cus i totally not interested at all. in the end, perhaps he could read my mind, then left after v chatted. Then, the next day when i passed-by tat area, again, i saw d wwf gang... the first thing came to my mind was 'ESCAPE'! before i succeed, there's another one spotted me n tried to block my way to talk! aiyoo! Then i saw the "turtle guy" in front...hoho, then v greet n then finally i walked through that gang jor~ pheew!

p/s: no more turtle, plz.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

*yawning at the office

office so damn quiet today...

(1) lady boss ddnt come

- more stressed if she's here!
(2) lil monster ddnt come either
- haha, she's not here kacau me, miss her oso.
- school started soon!
(3) art director ddnt come - hvng long vacation!
- aiya! i cant take any leave since he took aldy!!!!
(4) AE - quiet - went out after lunch

so, whole day only left me, mala n the other bos. place there left me alone only!! SO QUIET TIL I YAWNED!! haha.... but today very lucky~ can go back home sharp sharp!! yes! weekend is cuming!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - Happy New Year

31 Dec 2008
Last day for the year 2008, rili ddnt hv the mood to wake up early n go to work! So i went out little bit late than usual, n walked slowly to the office; cus boss wont be coming early to the office. Manatahu, when i reached office at 9.07am, suddenly lady boss was early....(cus nvr been so early mah!)...erm, sumthing wrong jor, sumthing bad happened! aiyo.......that colorCard proj AGAIN!!!!! aiyooo!!!! started pening aldy, cus client said sumthing missing from the *proof, while the film was correct, then mah hv to find out the prob n where did v went wrong lor!! aiyo!! so many probs happened, hopefully after the final mockup, there wont b any prob jor....plzzzz! rili wanna close tat job lar! i still got many more jobs to go!!!! Anyway, boss let us went back home early today, haha finally i gt the chance to take a short nap after goin bck home~~ --__-- !!

1 JAN 2009
First day of the year of 2009!! wow, even though dddnt go out celebrate (prefer not to), but still can see lot of fireworks over my house here~ nice- fireworks everywhere!! loud n noisy!! may be getting older d lar, tat's why dnt rili like the crowds or places with full of ppl, rili uncomfortable n headache n feel like suffocating!! yea, tat's why will try to avoid goin out countdown on any big day! After this, would be chinese new year jor~ yeah~ another long holiday! Cant wait for this....