Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEW Air Wick FreshMatic with essential oils

Alright, I bought this yesterday, even this was not in the shopping list :-) but it smells good~. Actually i was looking for mothballs, then suddenly my eyes were caught by this logo with "Essential Oils" written on it, wow, and it was an automatic fragrances dispenser~! Wow... new product and they're having promotion there, so why not give it a try then?! So i went for Lavender 'cos it would help me sleep better(i did some research over the essential oils before and lavender is the best choice of relaxing + can make u sleep better!!). It's good to have it since my freaking lamp still not working. ( I got this lamp from my birthday present which there's a curvy glass on top - a place where you pour in essential oils - but it's broken somehow).

Anyway, this automatic fragrance dispenser is so easy to use, and you even can control to release the spray at either 9,18 or 36 minutes intervals! See, it could last longer than you ever know~! I wish to have few more and put 'em everywhere in the house. that i could sleep on everywhere anytime i want~ haha

Sunday morning - tiring

It's been awhile since i last jog. That's why my legs my whole body are so damn tired and abit sore too! Gosh... i just jogged for about 30 minutes and it's just one big circle around the lake only! Then we have to stopped 'cos it's drizzling, and i still felt nothing at that moment. But I can't believe my body couldn't take it the next day - my legs are tearing apart. I guess my body just isn't in a good shape yet, so still gotta undergo alot of workouts... oh my god!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleepless night....

Hey! There were monsters stealing my 'Z', no wonder i couldn't fall asleep!

I wonder why some people able to fall asleep so quickly ... what's exactly on their mind before they fall asleep? Did they really counting sheeps to make them sleep easily or ... what? Did they their own sleeping methods? A formula or?

Most of the time, I find myself hardly to fall asleep (i can't remember when it started) even i relax my mind and think of nothing....but why it happens so regularly? I rarely take afternoon nap and even if i do, i'd definitely wake up in a couple of minutes later. I tried, i tried so hard to sleep but... *sigh* forget it! Even my eyes are dried or tired or feel like having a snooze during the day, i only can close my eyes and rest on the bed instead of Zzzzz-ing.

I remembered there was one time i stayed up 'til the next morning, and that was insane! Those sheeps counting was totally not working on me! It made me more confused 'cos i had to be very focus on the counting, else i might lose my sheep!?! My brain just don't want to rest! So, who the hell started this saying that counting sheep could help people fall asleep? The more you count, the more alert you are!!

So, it's indeed torturing when you want to sleep so badly, but you just couldn't! It's so helpless especially when people around you were sleeping+dreaming+in the middle of their fantasy but you alone is awaked. You were so worried but no one you can turn to... you see... how suffering it is!

Then other causes are....when... :
a) There're people talking outside the room or next to me... i just can't stand the continuous buzzing sound!!

b) Snoring! This is worser, 'cos they will never stop snoring unless they wake up! I knew how suffered it was 'cos i've had been in this kinda situation twice out of my whole life. Gosh.

c) Light on! How could one sleep with all the lights switched on? I can't understand! If it's just a bulb, then never mind...but every single fluorescent tube lights? wow... i guess they're afraid of being kidnapped by aliens?!

d) I'd fill in if i think of any....

I'm not a freak, okay, my ears are just too sensitive over voices and sound, that's all.T_T  Ohh God....please give me a good and quiet sleep every night.................

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Should i? or Should i not?

Yes? or No?

Go for it? or Don't go for it?

If i go, would it be alright?

If Yes, would i regret?

Argghhh..... I struggle so much everytime i 'feel like' a hair cut! May be I jz have this hair-cutting-phobia, literally, hmm. Alrigth, I've been thinking to get a new hairdo, yet i still couldnt make up my decision, why it's soooooo difficult?! hmm. err... I guess many girls out there might also have this kinda nerves right - don't know what hair-style to cut, which hair-style suit you the best, whether a rebonding or hav 'em curled.... 

Okay, i went to a mall just now, i decided to get my hair cut, i was! So i walked to the salon while thinking about the hairstyle i want at the same time... but when the salon was just few metres away, i stopped! What the hell! The salon was right in front of me, but i turned away and went into a snack shop ordered PEANUT BUTTER WAFFLE!!?? What the hell!! After all this????? i can't believe how silly, stupid i was!! Peanut butter waffle??? Guess i was really hungry, that's why my brain can't function well??! and then defeated by this little waffle baby!? arrghhh....... i really hv no idea at all... plz....

Should i go again tomorrow?

Would i turn away again tomorrow?

p/s: i just need to feed myself before i go, of course.

Friday, October 22, 2010

田鸡 = FROG ?

Is 田鸡 called "frog" ? I'm sure there is another name for it, else if the name frog appeared inside the food menu, it would definitely scared people off!!

Anyway, those photos showned above were not the one you saw hopping around after rainy day... and also not the poisonous one! of course!

田鸡 < normally is used in chinese cuisine, some people might dislike 'em 'cos of they're under FROG family. :-) or may be they looked so ugly+disgusting? I personally like it very much, especially when they're steamed with Shaoxing wine plus minced ginger covered on top! wow... perfect!

Mum didn't cook it for a long time, so she bought 3 this morning and made 姜葱田鸡 (which was cooked with ginger and spring onion) for our dinner~ it's just soooo good! If you ever taste this dish, you should try it now then. haha... no wonder i gain weight everyday, 'cos of my mother! She's the real culprit! She cooks all the good food to lure me! and that's very hard to resist! Mum's cooking is the best, i only can taste all the good food while i'm at home! That's why very hard to control not to eat them~. hehhe

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shontelle - Impossible


Oh my god, I just noticed today is 20.10.2010... i think kinda special - cus it's double of 2010! For those who obsessed with numbers, i'm pretty sure they're doin sumthing very special right now?!

A lot of people like to choose a special day or a special date to do something unforgettable or very memorable with their love one or close one. That's why date like 09.09.2009 or 08.08.2008 or 07.07.2007 up 'til 01.01.2001 are pretty popular among youngsters to have their ROM set or wedding to be prepared or celebration of any occasion. Aside from this double numbers, number itself also play a mysterious part in numerology and astrology. Don't get me wong, I'm not a superstitious person but i do believe in some ways those mysterious force that can't be explained by science. It's just like our religion, no matter what religion or belief you have, their origin and purpose is for our good. haha, guess that i'm going too far, if i don't stop here, i'm gonna 'blah' things that unconnected to numbers already. :-)

Okay, numbers... which associate with occult practices... make me recall my friend Letc. She's the one who taught me and told me things about numerology - a set of number (birthdate) to calculate your psyche and destiny...sort of. erm.. there's no harm to give it a try, afterall it's just another reading, you know like palm reading or face reading kinda things. I like to listen to her stories, yea i like when people telling me stories, any stories! She's very talkative and sportive and brave,so you won't feel bored when she's around~ i miss her already. Alright, I hope we'd meet up again some day in the future then..... :-)

There's another incident happened early of the year and my mum was nearly deceived by her so-called 'friend' to buy a sort-of platinum number plate. Gosh! Afterward we found out that was another MLM scam using numerology system to execute fortune telling and then selling the so-called 'LuckyNumber' in bracelets or pendants or in other form! I can't believe there's such a group of people using this reading to perform something bad! Back to the story - luckily my dad stopped my mum from buying it as he found this ridiculous and suspicious.

Then the next day, that aunty came along with her daughter and trying to persuade my mum again. I was there so I listened to what they goin to tell me! I knew this numerology reading from my friend Letc already, i knew my number too, so i was just sitting there and wait for their 'marvelous' stories! They seemed well-prepared and started to introduce the V, gosh i hate crap, so i interrupted and told them i knew my number and i could get pile of informations from the internet if i want to know more about my destiny or my future. But they insisted that their V reading is way more different and claimed that i might get my number wrong, so the daughter took out the 'Formula Triangle Chart' and started to perform 'her magic'! *Speechless* jackass!okay let's see what she going to say....after few sec on the 'Formula Triangle Chart' (i found it rather stupid)...she began... blah blah blah... May be i showed no interest, then her mother started giving us the 'true-story' -


"You know the xxx who living nearby? The husband and wife always quarrel over trivial matters, their relationship seem to be at stake, so I introduce the wife this number. Afterward she bought a plaque from me and hung it over the wall in the kitchen, and now they fight less and seem their relationship getting well day by day... so this is real, the right number will definitely help you and your family as well!" claimed by the aunty...


After hours of chit-chatting, they said no more....went back.... duh!!! whatta relieved! I really dislike this kinda trick! No THXs! 

Bro outta town

Finally i hv a nag-free day! Due to some ++ works, my bro was sent outta town, wahaha! Wait, don't get me wrong first, not that i dislike my bro, just that he always nag at me while seeing me playing games; games that he thought very silly and kiddy! Hello, i don't think they are silly at all, okie, i jst like to play simple and stress-free games~ e.g. Big Fish games. I find myself addicted too much on BF games lately, it's because of the free sample version~ ( it's so easy, all you have to do is just download and install the BF Game Manager into our PC (which only takes few minutes). After that it works just like a hub to link you the games or to the BF web to get more games, although each game downloaded are just 60 minutes sample version. Erm, i know 60 minutes is not enough especially when you at the peak of the games! Arghh!! It happens alot on me, I really hate when i almost found some key object that required to bring up the next level and then the screen suddenly closed down! *sigh... sample version... that's their purpose afterall, to catch players' fancy and thus purchase the full version of the games. okie.

But in the other hand, there's so many people out there get the games cracked and have it's unlimited access into it which means you can play the full version for free! That's my alternative to play the game that i like after trying it at BF~. :-) and i am thrilled i even can continue from where i stopped at BF! Isn't it awesome?! so I save alot of time from starting it over again! yay! When i told my friends 'bout playing this 60minutes trial, they just shaking their head off, mm i guess they think playing game is just a complete waste of time?! That's so wrong! Playing games can release tension, some said playing strategy games can improve the way you're thinking, word games can strengthen your vocab?! erm, i'm sure they play their part in some ways.

As you can see games industry growing and expanding so fast, even the big big corp also at their good pace. Sony has PlayStation, Microsoft has Xbox, Nintendo has Wii....and lot more! blah blah blah! and blah blah! Surprisingly i still able to finf 5 game cartridges at home but where's the console?! I couldnt find it! These game cartridges bring out alot of childhood memories in me...'n my fav game at that time : Mario!

After so many years, video game consoles also has its revolution and now has evolved into another peaks... n you'd be playing them in 3D mode in the future~! Can't wait for it! :-) I used to be a game person, from this old game catridge - GameBoy - GameBoy Advance - PlayStation1 - PlayStation2 and now pc games. Yet, still got some of the games was left uncompleted~ erm seem that i don't hav the passion to finish those already. T__T.

Okay, back to what i'm playing now, a cute Hidden Object Game called Tulula: Legend of A Volcano...

I just finished Phantom of the opera, so gonna explore this game now... haha... i'd play and finish this and few more others before you come back!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

yay! She's coming back soon! Speak now!

p/s: can't wait to listen to this right now~! it'd be released worldwide on Oct 25! hohohoho

Monday, October 18, 2010

Go nuts!

This 'lil chestnut is so tough, so hard! n its skin was hardly peel off too~ argh! i took almost 45minutes to peel n eat 3 only! In the end, my thumb and fingers getting numb...aii... although good to eat.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spongebob Squarepant~ la~la~

haha...Spongebob!!!! Watching this lately..rili luv this video, n all the stories were way too hilarious!!!! esp when patrick was around spongebob! they rili made up a good team! a perfect dumbo team~hahaha..... patrick was sooo cute~ esp his stupidity too!!! i do hope i'd get a best pal jz like patrick sometimes, u wont be bored when he's around~ haha.... they r jz so fun together~!


对!假如有人摆着臭脸对着你,你会怎样?他妈的,那天和父母在KL 一家饭店想要吃午餐,当时来了一个臭三八,那时天气真的很热,又加上那臭三八皱着眉头对着我们点菜,我火都来了!我也跟着瞪着她那臭三八看!就这样对望着跟她点菜!妈的,真的很想打她几巴掌!所以看着她就便幻想很用力的送她几个耳光!啪!啪!啪!


gosh....dark spot.....

so sad, after the stung, the mark was still visible! so many days aldy! i guess wat made it worse was the sun burnt i gt at the same day  i gt stung by the unknown bug. *sigh*

so, i gotta stop eating any food with soy sauce, or chocolate or black bean or coffee 'cus those r black and it may darken the color of the mark? should i believe it? erm..... i've stop drinking my fav nescafe for two days aldy~~ i rili miss its aroma and its taste..........

Friday, October 15, 2010

my face was stung by freaking bug!!!

hell wonder my face felt so itchy when i woke up in the morning! i remember i scratched on it in the middle of the night...i remember i was awakened few times... i remembered!! BUT why i forgot not to scratch  'em!!! waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! There was one big irritating red spot on my face aldy!! OH GOSH! i was freaking shocked when i looked myself in the mirror...T_T... summore there were few pimples grown my face due to my previous sleepless life plus so much of fiery food..* one to be blamed but myself. *sob *sob.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lately 1.2.3.

Time surely is passing so fast... now it's the time to update my bloggy...

Saturday - Sunday : outing wf MH

A good buddy of mine pay me a visit n sleepover... wow long time ddnt hang out with her that long! again we picked 'Xpressup' for our dinner, (was not a wise choice...damn), i sure wont go for the third time, i swear! of course every soup were the best when they're served it HOT! but when u leave 'em couple of minutes later....gosh....the bread was soo soggy! How to eat 'em! How to swallow!!!A-hem! thank god i ddnt ordered that soup-in-bread one... pity u MH~ now u gt ya lesson~ haha....but we rili were had alot of gr8t time together! Too bad, not much time left for us...Sunday morning....gosh....hardly woke up+headache! gotta crawled up and had breakfast with ya like a walking zombie. Oooi n nvr thought the fiery meehon was so damn spicyyyyy!!! fuuuhhhhh!!!! i ate them with empty stomach summore!!! my stomach exploded soo many times n not even the Potong ice cream tat v bought could put-off the fire!! After u leave, i managed to cont. my sleep....but the whole day was kinda blurry for me.

Monday : Sorethroat + light fever

A knight finally fell down at the battlefield after two days of "war"...*sigh... went back to mama. Aii...once i reach home... streamyx prob again!! hell!!! i feel like smacking the modem / hit it against the wall! assh*!!! so many weeks aldy yet the prob still unsolved! plus i was headache n sorethroat summore!!! the hatred was burning up to my eyes liao!!! okie, call 100 again, report again... n wait for the technician...


 *sore throat *sore throat *sore throat *sore throat...then mum boiled this chinese herb...i was so shocked when i found out there were 3 lil dead+dried bees inside the pot along with all the herbs! oh i goin to drink this?!! will this rili help? bees wor!!!! OMG!!!! erm............ ermmmm....but it indeed work! it rili did relief the pain when i swallow bit by was jz taste like plum juice ('cos there were plum with the herbs)~! at least these lil bees died for sumthing useful~! haha....bees o bees.....

okie....TM's technician do anything, but checking the phone line inside the house. Conclusion : asking us to change the phone wire, then they went back!! tat's it??? so, we cant do anything but change the wire when dad get back home. WTH! another disappoinment! FED UP! even the phone wire was changed, the line was still lag and the snr number was still between 0dB n 6dB.!!. again ..called .. report .. wait.. *sigh

Sore throat + headache.......


Mum made tat herb drink again (hehe...nice...though this time were 4 dead dried bees)... at least my sore throat getting better. Sleep alot today. rili hv enough rest.... happy birthday to myself. Wait for the technician to cum but they ddnt turn out.


I can shout today, finally! i totally recovered! n technician come n fix the internet line ''finally''! n he said it was 'cos of the telekom port on the pole outside...shit!!! after all this???? If he hardworking enough n check outside at the begining then this prob wont drag n drag 'til this long aldy!! shit!! finally i get the internet back!! i dont hv to waste my $ browsing with my hp jor which kinda pricey! shit!!

p/s: kinda upset after finding out sumthing... but nothng i can do, hope u happy at what u're doin, jz enjoy la~! bless u

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Can't wait for tomorrow

Yush! Yush! Yush! A long gone fren come n find me 2mrw yoh!! yohh! yohh!!!

Checkers Restr

Checkers... finally, finally we got the chance to go there.Thx to PY, 'cus we've been hearing all the good comments all the times from PY.... alright! give it a try then.....

With a table reserved(duh...she said not much seats around n better hv it reserved), so we take our own sweet time driving all the way to damansara. wow, this restr which claimed to be very famous (err...hard to believe..err...) was quite hard to locate!!! when we reached there...first impression outside the restr was GLOOMY!!! soo dark there!! summore those lampposts were so far away from the shoplots. OMG! They dnt even hv the signage at all! Hell know this place is called Checkers??

When we enter the restr...ermm.....okay....ermm...... seem cozy....and i thought they're celebrating xmas!!! hahaha.....cus there were lines of leaves with these clipping flashing light decorations.... i thought i saw wreaths at first.... jz they were not in circle. n then there were lot of photos/paintings on the wall~! erm...indeed very small+quiet! +those tables were jz the ordinary plastic tables but smartly makeover n covered with nice bi-color tablecloth thou~!

Alright, heading to the menu...that's the only item with their logo printed on...if im not we went for the Porky Best, one of the famous main courses, n strongly recommended by our PY, (okie i hear you) so, this was at the top of the list! n then two other dishes (forgot the names) : one was a spaghetti (super duber nice!!! with all the spices n the olive oil and the aroma n the taste...thumbs up!!!!) another one is err....kinda steak which im not rili fancy on it, esp the away!!! oh yea, the Porky was awesome!!! the rib was tasty!! juicy and delicious!!!! i'd go for second round for this!! and this only!! but they were all very pricey...*sob sob* ............. while hving our meal, of course our eyes nvr gt tired peeking around, haha.... esp the couple 2 tables away from us... wow, they indeed hv a big stomach (n heavy wallet too), dish by dish serving and nvr stop! gosh......esp the knuckle..... *big*! they rili know how to enjoy their meal~~~~~~ i wish i hv their stomach too!!! (of course their wallet as well)!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wonderful lunch @ Black Canyon

wow,已经好久没有在Black Canyon 用餐咯。。。今天吃得很满足,那里的每个食物都十分好吃!赞!不止食物,那里的beverages 也是很棒!因为是来自泰国吧,所以大多数食物都是辣的,而且辣的妙!哈哈