Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 04

*Sighing... ...

I personally don't like to work on Saturday, you know, getting up early in the morning while others still sleeping, half of the day working, then the other half remain hanging. In the end, many plans have to be postponed because of this. So, to be exact, i only have one day off through out the week. Oh man, one day off is never enough for me! 'cos i want to go back home to see my bibi!

*Sighing... ...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Count down to 30 Apr 1600H

Counting down...
0 days

20 hours

1150 minutes
by the time comes, i'd already lie on my bean bean n zzz....

I'm so excited after getting the call telling me that my bean bean was here and ready to be collected! Gosh, how i wish i could fly over there and bring home my beanie bean!!! How i wish i could lay on it right now... T__T...

arrr arrr, 20 hrs 1150 minutes to go! arrr arrr arrr!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snack time

~ AN AN AN Tottemo daisuki ... DORAEMON~~

Dunno since when i become such a big fan of dorayaki; whenever i go to the mall nearby, I'd definitely grab myself a pack of dorayaki, and the filling must be peanut butter!!! :-)

Actually there're another 6 or 7 other flavours (, red bean, chocolate, strawberry, kaya...), erm..... but I don't think I'd give them a try...don't ask me why... unless they have coffee filling!! hohoho!

yum yum!!
I'm gonna get one later!!

Sneak In Entry - 03

meeiyi                                 'monstors'
HP : 50 / 100                         HP : 90 / 100  

I'm defeated! I'm exhausted! I need super mushroom to power-up! + Fire Flower to boosting up my energy!!!!! I wanna throw bouncing fire balls right now!! aarrrr arrrrr aarrrr!!!! damn!!! die! die! diieeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been running up and down, front and back, left to right and right to left the whole morning! Guess that newcomer really have to do more than the others~ ermm..... never mind as long as i learn new things everyday. arrr arrr arrrrrr!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey u!


I'm ready to learn, but are you sincere to teach and share?


my pup's almost BLIND

I'm sooo sorry... i didn't mean to make both of your eyes swollen red... T_T...


I was so happy seeing my pup again yesterday, and I'm sure he was pretty excited too. Before i enter the living room, I could already see his tail swinging so HARD and the loud barking too, as if he was blaming me for leaving him this long! Haha... he's indeed getting bigger, heavier and naughtier!! When i hold him up and cuddle him, he started sniffing and licking my face non stop... woow... my lil baby bibi... 

Then i put on the muzzle i newly bought, too bad it was looser and bigger than his mouth, thus the strap keep rubbing against his eyes. I swear i didn't put on too long on him! And his eyes were still ok by then! But later on, I found that his eyes became swollen red and i yelled!! Gosh!!  T__T ... his red innocent sad and watery eyes made me even more guilty! Hey, of course we did rush to the vet at once! You know what, it scared the hell outta me when the nearby vet was closed and we'd to travel farther to seek for help!!!!!!!! Luckily the infection was not so serious, and his eyes were okay after couple of hours later. Thank God! +Thank you, Dr Kiew, for letting me in even you're preparing closing the door!

Poor thingy... hope you're okay by now~ hehe~

Sneak In Entry 02

Casual attire - checked
Lotsa lotsa notes & pencil - checked
Two big water bottle - checked
Sneaker - checked
---------------------------------------- yes, OFF I GO!

Monday is always a War Day for me, that's why a true+brave warrior will definitely armed herself (of course!!) and get ready at the battlefield~! Pardon yoh? Brave Warrior who? ...... Me of course!! Wahahhaa!!

Oh yea, now i realised i havent been sharing about what I'm doing now, aren't I !? Sighing, but I couldnt type anymore as I'm now sneaking in ... shhhh....shhh........ (you know what i mean~)

p/s: sshhhhhhhhhhh.............

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Walking Dead

Here's another tv series i'd like to share - The Walking Dead! Okaaaay, I'm not a big fan of ghost stories nor horror movies, but this one is pretty awesome and horriying!! Really!Especially the film-quality setting and the scary creepy makeup...oh man... they're f**king real !!! Yaawwwww!!!

Then these flesh-eating walkers would never die even their limbs were chopped off! Oh yea, even half of the body was remain and the skin was tore off too, you'd still be able to see their mouth moving and chewing non-stop unless they were decapitated. Eeeuuu... I know, the rotten face and moving chapped lip...freaking XXXX! Well, all i can say was the execution of CGI was too well and fine!? Good job!

Hmm... don't worry, not all the zombies make you puke, there're still some of them may look funny too... i don't know, i just find it so fake sometimes. So you could still be eating lasagna while watching those zombies eating the human flesh.....yumm!

Anyway, Season 1 only have 6 episodes, while Season 2 would only started in Oct 2011. Sighing... why this loooonngg!???? Zombies need to be fed too !!!

Bean Bean on-the-go!

Arghhh!! Argghhhh!!!!! I was so damn freakin out last night, I thought P1 4G broadband speed should be faster and with wider coverage, but WTH*** the status showed it was connected (i even got 4 green bars out of 5) and yet I couldn't surf the net!!! This is ridiculous!!! Is 4G technology this damn lousy?

Gosh! Let's not have this stupid thing ruin my mood today... alright!! Okay, let's get on to the topic of the day! Wa-laaaa!!

Yess! I'm gonna get my bean bag soon!!!! Hohohohooo i'm so excited and couldn't wait to lie on it at once!!!!!! Wahahaha!!!!!! You know what, I've been longing for one since so many many years ago! and now - my dream comes true~!! and I'd get TWO bean bean indeed!!! Cheese!!!!!!! Meoooww!!!!!!! hahaha!

Anyway, i still have to wait for another 2 weeks time 'cos no more stock left at the moment and the promoter has to place an order to get it ship over yohh! (Guess that I was too soon too shout my excitement!) Hehehe! Never mind, I still could be able to imagine myself laying on the bean and take my sip of how darn good is that!

Okie, it's time to get ready to work!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

my pup - Bibi

New member in da house! These pics was taken when he was 1 month++ only... so adorable!!!! and I miss him already!!! Can't wait to go back home n hug him!!! yoooohhh!!!!!! I'm pretty sure he getting very very big and FAT now! 'cos he eats alot n pee pee poop poop sooo much!!! oh dear! Fortunately he knows where to pee pee n poop poop ('cos i trained him so! hoho, that's why i gt the credit here yoh!) *blink*

My net, my home

Finally I’ve subscribed the P1 broadband and here I am…

I’m ONLINE !!!
I got my WEB back!!!
I’m on the NET!!!
Yes --- the lonely spider found its home back!

but the down part is… it comes with limited data plan!!! Aii… LIMITED! No choice but I’ve to cut down the download and the surfing time as well!! (better than no internet at all right? Damn…)

Sneak in Entry - 01

Greeting People/Martians/Aliens/Dead Walkers 'n blah blah blah;

(*feeling bit bit guilty sneak in here during office hour while others busy working*)

I knew i've been disappeared for quite a long time now, uh hum... let's see... 1,2,3,4...oh gosh - almost 5 months !!!! I really didn't realise time passes this fast! 5 months!!! oh my god! So much had happened and so much had changed, and i don't know where to begin with. First, it was the Chinese New Year celebration then i went to Hatyai with family in March... err... and then getting a new pup and erm... found a new job+moved out from KL and da-da-da-da-da starting a new life at a whole new place!

Phew... watta quick summary for the past 4 months~

Guess that i shouldn't continue to type anymore... i don't want to 'alert' others as im sneaking in at this hours~! hohohoho.....

The End.