Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

Christmas should be a day to cheer, to laugh, to be merry n to be happy, but for me; was another busy day. Perhaps i gv myself too much of stress ady. Actually planned to watch movie today, but aiya.... xxXXxxx! (time+money wasted)! Not only that.... i was soo blurred just now! i was trying to withdraw sum money out from atm machine, but suddenly i confused bout my password (this shouldnt be happened on me!!!!!), after few sec standing in front of the atm machine, finally i entered my password...but the transaction was failed... i thought it could be the atm machine was down or with sum kinda problem... so i tried with another atm machine then. AGAIN, the transaction was failed! i started to worry whether i entered wrong password or the card's microchip problem or WHAT!? HELP!!

Pheeww~ Luckily my fren helped me out....aiyo.....u know what, I ENTERED ONLY 4 DIGITS PASSWORD INSTEAD OF 6 DIGITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness... how could i forgot this!!!! First time ever i encounter this kind of silly mistake!! oh plz!

okie, i learned my lesson............................

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas

22 Dec 2008
Early in the morning, I was so nervous when i reached office, cus printer will send all the digital proof n films to us...then only can check out the final piece, the die-cuts, all the photos (i prayed so hard hopefully wont be any mistakes, or else i'll DIE!) plus, client want it soo urgently....but i wait n wait, shit! printer hadnt finished all the films n the printout!! oh gosh... if they ddnt send it by today, i couldnt pass it up tomorrow.
Tick tick tick, finally they sent it at 5pm!!!! bloody hell, gave them so many times to prepare, yet they sent it up so late! argh..... everyone was sooo afraid if anything goes wrong aldy, one by one was checked n double confirmed!! still, aiyooo, last minutes saw soo many pages left out/ddnt print out, n printed out wrong!!! sure my art director argued with them lar.... fight fight... when bosses came back oso...... aii....... big discussion again........ so, v did wat v could n prepare for tomorrow jor... (T__T client want it tomorrow b4 lunch leh, gosh, hav to form book n do the mockup, not much time aldy!) O.T. again.... reached home nearly 10pm................. tired.

23 Dec 2008
RUSH RUSH RUSH+ing works... cus of this proj... our buffet lunch's plan was postponed to dinner buffet. haha... 'bout tat har....actually was my boss' birthday, so, the plan was--- lunch buffet at hotel then afterward back to office having this early xmas party n exchange xmas presents.. then can go back home early aldy~! BUT, cus of this proj, everything was postponed! so, cannot go back early jor!! after half day of hard work, haha-v started havng this xmas-presents-exchange-party at 5pm! yeah~ everyone was waiting this moment to come~~ but it's not easy to get the xmas gifts, u know, .. there were riddles for everyone!!!!!!! n with the right answer then only u can get the present! *sweating.. RIDDLES! i was not good at it!! *sweat! but Luckily they helped me out lar, so i still got my xmas gift geh~! Then afterward, v went out hvng our dinner...... n reached home nearly 10pm oso..........tired.
Riddle A : What goes up but never come down? (clue: not an object)
Riddle B : Why 6 afraid of 7?
Riddle C : Why the doctor will get mad?

.....have alot more.......................................

24 Dec 2008
HOHOHO...xmas eve!!!! rili dnt hv the mood to work today! thought bosses was not around....but still got lot of works to do!!! plus v hv to keep updating them on phone!! but surprisingly, boss let us back early!!! but...aiiiyooo......only can go back if v finish the works lar.... RUSH RUSH RUSH..... ho-ho 5++pm can back d~ YES!!!
Tomorrow is my housemate's birthday, but sadly...only three ppl in the house, so v cannot organise big birthday party lor.... i bought the birthday cake, then order pizza+chicken wings+tempura++++ wow....nice dinner! later celebrate~~~~~~~ (listening to christmas carols at the same time)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

will i get over...

OT again....oh soo tired~! and my boss had informed me tat i couldnt take any leave til end of this year.... T_T .... totally no holiday mood!!! luckily dec got lot of public holiday, at least i could rest! yes! esp xmas! this year my office hav this xmas presents exchange section...erm...could be fun gua... last week v had set up two xmas trees, one big one small....n our xmas presents will be putting under the xmas trees til xmas eve!!!! nice nice...hav lot of decorations on the trees...jingle bells, stars, angels blah cool~! erm....wat present will i get leh~ hahah.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my baby ruuka

Letter to ruuka
hello my dear, how are you? almost 2 months++ ddnt see you, miss you so much! you stay with auntie cyndy for awhile first har, i still couldnt go there n fetch u back... but im glad tat auntie cyndy make u fei fei bak bak, haha, adorable!! oh yea, how is oscar? pillow-fight every night? hey hey, dnt be so naughty over there!
Alright, gotta go~! Take care. Send my regards to ya kai-ma, ciao~!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"no freedom"

"Hey, are u there?!"

aiyo...dont know wat'd happened to, almost two months cannot access tat website aldy! bloody hell, all my posts n drawings were gone! GONE FOREVER! "thank you so much!" n now have to start all over again! oh man, i lost some of my frens oso, sorry u guys~

"Busy busy busy!"

Ever since i joined this company, i feel like suffocating....arghh! will hv heart-attack soon! T__T, OT all the times, hav lot of works to do, hav to be super creative, hav to b very very fast....hav to become a ROBOT! yes, robot ddnt rest but keep on working n working. gosh! sometimes hav to see boss' mood....cus the place im working now is a husband-n-wife company,u see, sumtimes they might disagree with each other or hv 'lil fight or 'lil conflict... oh yea,just like wat happened few weeks back, in the morning, i reached office quite early, so did my bosses, at the beginning they were chit-chatting near my table n planned to hv breakfast together, they were laughing blah blah....SUDDENLY they were fighting over small biz prob, oh my god, I WAS SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM, hello! i was stunned! rili ddnt know wat to do but cont doin my works silently............... i dare not looking at them aldy! watta situation!! they remained silent oso...awhile later, both of them went into their room n ddnt go for breakfast...-the end. aii.....tat's why la, v hv to be very very careful of their mood all the time.

p/s: not only busy, but stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!