Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm so so sick

Why baby chicken is always pale yellow, light yellow, deep yellow, yellow? Could it because of the yolk?! Right? That's where the baby chicken get the color from right? What if i inject other color into the yolk, would the baby chicken turnout different color as well? This is so cool, because we could choose the color for our baby chicken~! What if rainbow color then? how to make the yolk rainbow color too? arghh.... i'm confused.

I'm still not feeling well lately T_T, i've been sick since wednesday night; i thought i'd be okay after taking two Panadol ActiFast, but the next day, my sore throat getting more serious, and my head were goin to explode even though i've been lying on the bed like a dead corpse for the whole day ... so my last solution: went to see a doctor, else i'd be sick on Chinese New Year and i couldn't eat all the 'good food'!

CNY is still THREE days away.... FOOD, wait for me... i'm gonna eat you all! Just you wait!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KFC vs McDonald's

Do you notice wherever there's KFC, McDonald's would be definitely nearby and vise versa. Erm, the 'battle' between them would never come to an end no matter how long it'd take. So which side you gonna take?

Alright, let's say; if you were dying and probably couldn't survive any longer, may be 2 hours left.. and then you were allowed to choose your one last meal, would you go for
(A) KFC? or

(B) McDonald's?

Anyway, i gotta thank Wai for sharing this wonderful MV...i like the character design esp the lil baby Ronald, he's soooo adorable! I still prefer when he's still a kid rather then the big grown-up Ronald.
The cute baby Ronald
The uncle
He transformed 'cos the bad uncle abandoned him
The evil-ish uncle
Here's the Fight to the Death
Aside from the great character design, the animation was pretty impressive too! So, here we go...

Monday, January 24, 2011


What will happen when slipper meets sneaker? and...

What would you get when ...


yea~ concept footwear >> "hey DUDE shoes"

This shoe is incredibly soft and it's ultralight!! Can't you imagine it's just 150g? yeah, i fell in luv at the first sight and even more when i put 'em on my foot. Wow!! I really feel like walking barefoot!!

Counting down...

Yay~ Chinese New Year is just nine days away~ pretty excited and really can't wait for that! :-) mm... but i haven't started decorating the garden yet... headache may be i'd just hang lotsa lotsa red packet on the tree or everywhere around the garden, erm.. guess that should do it! (Would it be too much if i put on gold tinsel around the tree instead? haha... i like it bright and flashy but other people might think we are still celebrating xmas?!) nah!

I thought of making some papercraft, perhaps stick them on the wall? Sound good, right? But it ain't easy!!!!!!! I browsed through some papercraft sites and even downloaded few models and I really do wish to make few, ...but sorry... those nice one is damn complicated with soooo many folding lines and sooooo many different different parts!!! nah! I surrendered.

hehe...but my bro did one afterward >>
haha...this one was funny... a dead and flatted one... unfortunately this one can't be stick on the wall!! (sorry lil bunny... ya sacrifice would be remembered forever... *salute)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Argh...type type type

damn...wrong again...damn damn...

type type... 'n type one letter after another...

I swore real hard when i started typing this 6-pages of name lists in chinese characters!! SH*!! I wouldn't go insane if it wasn't 6-pages! B-H! Don't you know i need to do the Pinyin for each of the character!?! Don't you know how complicated it is?! Just imagine...6-pages!? Oh my God... i really hate typing this lately!!! Why must be me!!! Damn...i really get heart-attack esp comes to the character that i don't even know!!! WT dut! Wasting all my time, my energy and even made me angry! That's why i didn't feel like updating my blog lately!! ARGHH~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gatsby - Kimura Takuya

" I....can give you Gastby... Gastby... Gastby... I...~ " (*coughing)

Okie, if you wanna sing this part better, you gotta make yourself halfway choked!! Else you can't get the high pitched shriek effect... hahaha...

I can't help myself playing this video clip over and over again because it's indeed hilarious! And i wonder why the creative crew behind had this kinda idea?! Just because it's fun or? How the message being brough out just by waving the head...erm... whose head was being the matter most i guess!! Right? Well, who'd watch a fat dumbo waving and spinning and pouting lip?? Right? RIght? Right? That'd be disgusting, haha... gratefully he's the superstar~!

So, whoever wanna try this,

- FIRST make sure you're SUIT UP!! 
- Second, long wavy or curly hair, any length will do
- Put on lip gloss (this is very very important! Remember that!)
- Okay, put on Gastby song, hold your Gastby tight
- Last but not least, start spinning, wriggling and pouting the sexy lip!
(Oh my God...)
If you've done, remember upload it and share!! hahaha, that would be Legen... wait for it... Dary!! hahahahahahha....

Another one...enjoy!

The Original...

my Larrie Shoe

I like the bottom grey at first but PY said red is nicer, so yeah. i agree

I'm so excited because i'm goin to bring my back my Larrie next week~ yeah, finally!!! Actually i've seen and tried this model couple of times, and when i was about to buy it, they don't have any of my size left or the colour i want was out of stock, damn. I've asked few places nearby yet the answer was same... DANG!

I was about giving up this one and move on to another model (since I couldn't get the one i want, why don't i choose another, right) but then surprisingly my friend called up the HQ and manage to get the pair i want, yay!!! Besides, they would send it over to the outlet that we appointed~! That's so awesome!!! And i'm so so thrilled because i almost giving up on this one! (Sorry...)

(Actually i've spotted another pair, also a ballerina shoe. If i didn't get this one, i'd definitely go for the new one, hohohohohohoho...shhhh.....)

yea, i'm quite crazy about Larrie's ballerina shoe, 'cos they're really comfy and lasting!!!!! Trust me!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taylor Swift - Back to December

Finally the official music video is here~

KFC Krushers

I seldom walk in KFC or other fast food outlets, so the last time i'd my meal there was about 1 or 2 weeks ago. Then i made my discovery of those new ice blended drinks and even KFC Egg Tart!! Oh my god... i felt so weird about 'The-Egg-Tart-was-in-da-house'... will there ever be a CURRY PUFF too? or any other kuih-muih?? I wonder if KFC here has used up their creativity or over 'innovative' to reproduce food and make 'em their own?! That's hilarious!! They had already came up with those nasi-lemak breakfast combo, and then these? I see nothing impressive but an extreme copycat ever! Everytime KFC lauching new thingy in the menu, that would be just another McD's most of the time. I wonder why they keep following other people's steps instead of taking their own? Are they really afraid of fallin' down? Are they just wanna play safe? You see the idea of breakfast combo, the drive-thru, the new ice blended drink, the new sundae...and even the sauce dispenser corner...

p/s: If you ever take a bold leap forward, you won't achieve anything big!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'PAUL' is on Board

Let's keep an eye on this~

Evangelion: 2.0

Haaa~ I'm pretty sure my friend goin to be excited about this upcoming feature film, erm... yea... robots... machines... combats... outer space... arrr... another TengenToppa... but thank God, this one was without that freaky pointed red sunglasses which made the character looks silly...dut dutt.

ROOM by Emma Donoghue

'ROOM' - its simple, clean, neat yet colorful typeface cover spark my curiosity and led me to it when i wandered around the book store. You might think the cover was kinda boring but before that, try to read the synopsis behind the book, you might find the story interesting and make you wanna read more~!  

Yea, i just bought it... it's still flaming hot in my hand now~ At first i planned to buy it online 'cos normally you could get it cheaper if you order and purchase online (that's my main point), but when i browsed the site yesterday, the ROOM column stated something like "Currently Unavailable"... how could they stated something like that since i still saw so many copies at the bookstore?! Then i clicked Add to cart to see what happened... then under the 'shipping duration' column, it wrote 5-6 weeks! oh c'mon... 5-6 weeks?! 2 months for a book?! WTH!? Where you goin to ship to!? sh*!!

Wow this's crazy, because of this 2 months duration, i went to bookstore just now to grab my book!! and duh ...... here's my book. But when i logged in again and checked the MPH website, SH*!!! WTH!!!! Now it stated "Usual Local Delivery : 3-5 business days" SH*!!! Are you kidding me!??! Everything changed just by one night!! WT......dut!!!! Gosh.....

Whatever, i got my book now, i still feel worth it lar, nvm.. (i learned my lesson!). So, back to ROOM... check this out; I'm so impressed by the book trailer, never thought it could be delivered in this lovely way~

"To five-year-old Jack, Room is the entire world. It is where he was born and grew up; it's where he lives with his Ma as they learn and read and eat and sleep and play. At night, his Ma shuts him safely in the wardrobe, where he is meant to be asleep..."

Check out the interactive website too;

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm starving T_T

i need some food anyway

Bar.B.Q Plaza

Do you remember seeing a huge green dragon dummy when you do your shopping in the mall? Before i get to know this restaurant, that was this BIG fella that caught my attention and drew me in its 'hut'!! Well, this mascot really works, else i wouldnt drag my buddy in on the first time i saw this dragon!!

At first glance, i thought it was serving korean cuisine because of the pan frying method, but later we noticed there's no gimchi listed in the menu but some Thai dishes, so we were quite surprised and immediately placed our order to give it a try. Hey, this restaurant is quite a hot-spot for youngster and families, if you wanna have your meal there, better go earlier 'cos the place is always full with people esp during meal time, no kidding!! Unless you don't mind lining up in front of the restaurant and waiting to be seated...

I had tried there twice, quite an experience though~ despite the fresh and juicy meats, it's quite interesting 'cooking' on the hot plate!! hahaha, alright, I myself not a good cook and i don't cook very often too, 'cos first i don't passionate much about cooking, then second i hate cleaning everything after the meal...yea, but what i really good at is cooking a bowl of instant noodle (who doesn't know that!?)... fast and easy! hohoho >_<

this sauce is lovely, you hv to mix 'em up to get the great taste,
of course i'd take off the garlic...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Give me some sunshine - 3 Idiots

3 Idiots

"They may be stupid, but you're an idiot too!"

haha, i guess that made me an idiot too by watchng this '3 Idiots' film... actually i rarely watch Bollywood film, because i myself not a big fan of Bollywood movies then i dont have many indian friends, that's why i barely know those films, actors/actresses or their songs. So, how did i come across to this film then? Yes~ gotta give the credit to my friend for bringing this wonderful film, thanks!

Okay, this film was not stupid but extremely entertaining!!! It made me laugh non-stop from the beginning to the end, gosh!!! and those 3 main characters were quite good looking too - esp Aamir Khan, he played one of the idiots-Rancho (but he's the smartest one out of the three), then the other two were Farhan and Raju. This skinny Raju was damn funny too, he has alot of funny face expressions, and whenever came to Raju's family parts, the screen will automatically turned to black 'n white, showing how miserable their life were. hahaha... hilarious! Then there's a part where Rancho n Pia sending Raju's dying father to the hospital by scooter, O gosh! Just imagine, three of them on an scooter, the dying father was carried in between and then they had to speed up in the traffic! hahaha!!!! I wonder how the father still able to survive!!! hahaha! Just too many funny scenes! Then there's the deliver part - Pia's sis about to deliver, and 'cos of the bad weather, the 3 idiots had to help her in the lab!! Oh my god!! They goin to suck the baby's head out with a vacuum!? I laughed 'til my stomach 'bout to burst open!! hahaha......

And then Chatur's mindless speech part...

Then the ViruS' part...

Then the real Rancho part...

This's really a good film! Aal izz well !

You're the 4th idiot!!

This is why Raju's part is always Black 'n White

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm a Froyo Lover

I'm a ice-creams lover, fan of popsicles, obsessed with ice blended drinks, and now I fall in luv with froyo! Ooo La La! They're just simply amazing especially in our crazy hot whether!! Yes!and they could make you feel like making a snow angel on just a mere bite! Just you try it!

*flapping flapping up to the sky ~~~

Ever since falling in luv with fro, my fridge started filling up with lotsa lotsa different flavors of fro - but must be Anlene's! *MUST* - just trust me on this, i've tried other brands but none of 'em is nicer than Anlene's yoghurt! Really! What's more, anlene's products are rich in calcium too, so it's time to take care of your bone, buddy!

Tutti Frutti

TF is a dessert store that solely selling froyo, yeah, great news for froyo lover!! So, how could i miss that!!? HoHOho. I finally had one few weeks ago! It was sooooooo good soooooo nice but quite pricey though! So, i rather buy more yoghurts and keep 'em frozen!! hehehe.... almost the same! Right?

Anyway, i definitely would go again 'cos i havn't tried them all! >_<

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lazybug... first post in year 2011~ but don't know where to start to blog everything out!

Alrigth, i knew i'm abit lazy to update my blog lately especially when things are piling up, and lack of time clearing up my backlogs >_<

It's year 2011 and i'm getting lazier and lazier~! erm... may be i'd try to make my time to blog tomorrow? >_<