Thursday, September 8, 2011

The "Moon" day...

Mid Autumn Festival is just a few days away!! Yay! But unfortunately it falls on next monday T__T - that's a working day - which mean I have to celebrate it ealier over the weekend!! And not on the actual day!! damn.... what if the moon wont show up on saturday night? It's suppose to be a family reunion day where everyone gather around chit-chatting, eating mooncake, drinking tea, lighting up the garden with candles, playing lantern that made out of pomelo...

 ... oohhh...just like old days, sis and i putting up lanterns and lighting candles around every flower pot in the garden, then mum yelled at us when the plant burned. Haha... we played with fire more as candles were everywhere and we also burned lotsa things... - mum's chili tree, cactus, calamansi and all the stupid stuff we could get!!  It's just so warm and sweet....

Haha!! Look what i found!! Hah! This pic looks soooo funny and it reminds me of my fren faila-the cat lover!! I bet she'd love the pomelo there and would never take it off too... hahahha 

... the legendary "zhu zai beng"! But hardly see the shape of a piglet.. -__-"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giant Mango!!!

This is the first time I eat such huge mango... almost bigger than my palm!! Gosh...

This bloody big mango is quite pricey too!!! *Deng >_<

Early B.D bash

Finally i got my G! But the blasting part is... it's turned out to be my b.d present!! I screamed so much last night ... waaa I've been waiting for its arrival since early of Aug. Oh yea... almost one month now >_<  you know, the feeling of waiting, is bittersome!! 

Ok, on top of that, i gotta express my sincerest gratitude toward Mr.Beanie for buying it, carrying it back all the way to m'sia and it's my burthday gift!!! (The earliest bd gift i've ever received!) (Ermmm, or may be Beanie paiseh asking me to pay? 'cos he blushes easily... kinda miz his blushing face >_< )

Anyhow, " Thank you, beanie! "

And now here's my watch...  clinging nicely around my wrist... 

It's combined of analog + digital, the number 1, 7, 11 were printed on the surface of the glass as if they're floating on top, while the hands rotate beneath. Then the sec & the date were shown one layer down. Cool right! It becomes even more glorious when the LED light is on in the dark as if you see the whole thing glows in 3D!!! No kidding! It's really stunning cool!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Who let the dogs out! wuff! wuff! wuff!

Damn u..... whose dog that barked in the middle of the night!!!! It was not just a bark but dog barking mad that goin on and on til dawn! & my perfect night was ruined just like that - stayed awake the whole night and unable to fall asleep!

Previously I was soo worried about those acne that popping out like mushroom after the rain, and now even worse i assume... as insufficient of good slumber would directly causing acne growth ... T__T

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3D Revolution Rolls On

Yeah, 3D technology is nothing new but it still kinda hits now. Aside from embedding the tech into movies and TV, it even become possible in handheld products! Yes that Nintendo 3DS, craaaaazy!! and it doesn't require 3D glasses at all! Woow!! In coming year, I'm sure there would be more 3D device that works without the 3D glasses! Cool yooh!!

Anyway we still need the 3D glasses now to watch 3D movie from TV set. But you know what, blu-ray dics are so pricy #%$&^*! So does the blu-ray + 3D %$#@*!! How to afford more!?

So the 3D glasses are useless without the 3D movie @#$&^%!!
(pirated punya tarak... T_T...)

Pls go away!

T__T ... Aaaarrggh... how could i get rid of this big red acne?! I hate you! This one has grown visibly on my face since last week, and it still there now!! T__T...  Then the surrounding area started growing more n more ... gosh... i couldnt go out aldy!!!

Don't you know it's kinda funny when an acne popped out esp on that spot or right on your nose!? Either ppl might be mistaken it as a mole or u'd become Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!!!!

Aaaargghhh.... i so hope these acne stop spreading and stop growing ! Plz.... i don't want to become a reindeer... T_T