Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taylor Lautner in ABDUCTION!!!

Awesome! Finally he becomes the lead actor in this upcoming action-packed thriller!! hoho can't wait to watch him in action!! Our werewolf boy has evolved....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spot the difference

Seriously, can somebody go and tell the owner what does symmetri mean? If he/she trying to be outstanding, then might as well paint the car in two contrasting colors?!

The hard days was over

I never know dogs also have this teething stages until my pup's tooth fell off and its mouth was covered with blood... it's really scared the hell out of me you know, as he's the first doggy we ever have and there's alot to learn too!!! Luckily my cousin's a vet and if anything happen, we still able to get his advices at once! hahaha~

My pup is about 5-6 months old now with new set of big white adult teeth! Oh my, i guess he's no longer a puppy, 'cos he's grown up soo big soo fast...erm...may be an adolescent now?

See how he lie when he wanna sleep... two legs straight back and the other two straightly front

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baskin Robbins Earlier Celebration !

It's indeed a good news for every BR fans out there~! Esp here in Malaysia where we celebrate Raya + Nasional day combo! haha, can't wait to grab my Quart later!

As for this pink Wed, i wonder where'd their pink energy gone?! You still easily get your discounted ice cream even without showing any 'pink' now! All the fun had just gone!!! Watta waste!!!  

I remembered couple months back when this campaign freshly started, everyone was so crazy fancy about this pinkie day! Even myself would carry pinkie staff esp on wed!! 'cos you'd be asked to show before getting your ice cream! haha... yeah, that's the spirit! 'No Pink, No BR' !!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"A Survivor Is Born" - Tomb Raider

Wow... another big news! Woow she looks more furious now...


Give me a break pls!

I knew i'm new, i knew i have to do all the trivialities, but can't you please give me sometimes to settle things i ought to do first before continuing with the stuff that you passed over? Hey, error and mistake might be incurred when dealing with too many tasks at once, you know!!?

Just imagine you were replying few urgent emails that required to attach different different doc for each one, then suddenly you're asked to fax this and that, later on you've to prepare cheque and bankdraft of this and that, afterward asked to send email to this and that, phone was ringing interval time which nobody bother to answer, then new doc flowing in which you need to assign the job number and proceed on the necessary procedure... blah blah blah... gosh! I'm in hell!!

How i wish to have a Wii right now ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 08

Aarghh... another war day!!
When people are planning for their holiday on this coming holiday, we're preparing for war! I didn't say I dislike holiday, just that everytime around a festive season, esp the big one, we'd definitely encounter lotsa 'unexpected things'! And I hate it when it comes to 'urgent' consignment!! Check out this sample circular replied from [*o*] Airline;  

Waa... i never thought this could happen! Though it's a small airline, they can't just totally stop the service right? erm erm... It's already in peak season, not only the cargoes rushing to fly out, the people also trying to fly out too! gosh... !! It getting harder to book the right flight. All because of this stupid circular!

"Yes, thanks for the wishes!'"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's just like cheeses to mouse

I've been searching for a doorstopper lately and suddenly i happened to come across to these cute lil thingy which draw me to have the urge to buy 'em all. Okay, I just can't help it! I just easily get attracted to all the adorable stuff... you know, cheeses to mouse, bones to doggy, yarn balls to kitty... wooow sorry!

Haha, here's the doorstopper, Mr.Piggie.
Just imagine it get stucked in front of the door and yelled " aaaarrrrghh~~~My tail!!!!!!!!!!!" (though it doesn't has this sad or painful expression... haha) but it's fun to imagine if it's alive and all the possibilities that could happen to this lil poor piggie on the floor. Right? Right? Haha, i got another one here... 

" Hey Mister!! Hey youuuuu!! Down hereeeee '' shouted.
...Mumbling: " Oh my god you giant trunkie, am I too small too be noticed here, gosh...heeEY "
'' I get stucked here the whole day! Can you PLEASE hv some mercy on ME!? "

I guess i'd spend whole day squatting in front of the door and talking with that lil thing...

I just can't wait to lay my hand on this

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Angry Birds : The Movie (Trailer)

Attention!!! Stay alert people!!!!
The birds is in action!!!!

"Dont you dare call it a slingshot!!"

Wow wow Wooow, this is biiiiig! Check out more info of the real Angry Birds Movie here .

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am just a puppet

I feel like a mere puppet today.

I knew the question they made me asked was silly, but it's an 'order' so I just couldnt refuse T_T but to follow accordingly! I felt like entering the firepit once again.

Alright, there's an agent requesting Exp A/F quotation from KUL-BKK... erm, ok this wasn't important, my point was the dimension agent provided, let's say : 3cm x 5cm x 230cm, anyone would know this is something thin and long, right? But suddenly boss came out and deliberately pointed the dimension to me and explained the correct sequence of dimension should be: L x W x H... erm, i knew this but sometimes they might put wrongly or for those who's not in the related industry might mix up too, but that's not so important also as we still able to get the volumetric weight from the dimension!

So, back to the topic, alright there were 3 of us 'discussing' about this stupid thing, saying if the box was too high, it would be abit difficult to get into the airplane... understandable, but in this case - from the dimension, logically, the cabin crew of course would put 'em lying flat horizontally on the floor!! or whichever position depend on the space availability, am I right? C'mon, who would be so stupid to have to carry them straight up vertically where there's another alternative to carry 'em the other way round??? Gooosh.... I really wanna scream out seeing the '*senior' keep nodding to the boss and 'puttin-on' the fire!!! (you know, my voice was never be heard, as im still a newbie - that whatever i said was useless?) and i don't understand why boss was so obsessed with the sequence and insisted on finding out the 230cm in this context... while the 'senior' seemed 'so supporting' to find out too!! (obviously she's bootlicking okay!)
(*senior as in years of service)


Then the funny part came, boss instruct me to ask the agent about this '230cm'... and so did the 'senior' too!! I was like ''whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?''  ''Is this for reeeeaall??'' O.M.G! THIS WAS SILLY OKAY!! THINK LOGICALLY LA!!!! aiiii, no matter how hard i screamed inside, i still have to follow accordingly, as i was just a mere puppet!!

And i find it so so foolish to ask :
"Kindly advise is 230cm the height of the box?" 

I still think it was sillly, oh man.... what's the big deal if it's this high or not? Gosh... the other party was agent too!! and what would they think seeing this kind of stupid question?? I'm not a fool okay!! That's why it took me so long to press the bloody SEND button!! My God...  

Once again, puppeteer take control of everything, and i'm just a mere puppet... eventually, it's all about 'the mastermind' & 'the executer' all over again.

I still couldnt escape from this fate...

Imma gonna aaaaargghhhhhh too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No sugar added? Really?

I just don't understand this;

Then this Total Sugar : 25.3g Per Serving is....? erm... does this mean the sugar comes from the fruit naturally? I don't know...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stand Up To Cancer

It is Up2 U! Join the fight at
& I love Jim!!!!!!!!!!

Go Green?! Go for Chloropyhll!!

I'm not drinking leung fun everyday lar! It's just chlorophyll drink! and 500ml a day is not too much also, right? For those who seldom eat veggie should consider taking this one instead! hehe.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 07

I hate bein a scapegoat & i'm so fed up bein one!! You know what, the mastermind will always off the hook while the executer will always get blamed / scolded! What's goin on!??? is every newbie hav to become a 'goat' & get 'slaughtered' first before they can 'slash' other? 

I believe in learning from mistakes as they make you improve, cos you did learn! so you wont make the same mistake again n again. Right? But my situation here is different, i learned from being a scapegoat! How sad is that!! Once bitten twice shy, right? Who would be so stupid to fall into the same trap again n again? That's where i learn, to avoid bein scolded as I'm the 'executer' follow instruction from the 'mastermind'! Even the 'executer' asked if it's save to proceed and even the 'mastermind' confirmed there'd no prob to go ahead, but when the prob started to surface, everyone included the so-called 'mastermind' would finger-point toward the 'executer' !! You know, there're some people just bein so asshole to push people into the firepit in order to save themselves!! n i reaaaally despise this kinda people!!

What's more.... okie, i learned something about 'black & white' today, even for the tiny teeny trivial issue! I knew B&W is important but i never thought i have to implement this among my colleagues! You see, as we work together, we should trust each other right? At least that's what i'm thinking: i should n i have to. But, i was wrong... 'cus i was just get stabbed!! Okie, here's what happened; i passed an important confirmation message verbally over the phone to my colleague in the morning...but after lunch-time he called up (yea the same person) and told the 'mastermind' he didn't know & never receive any message!!! OMG! How can he do this to me!?? How i wish my phone has a recorder that record every single line we said! Damn! Another asshole!! I surely will remember this and yes - B&W too!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Burt's Bees craze

" I'm a Bees gurl but dont worry, i dont sting! :-) "

Shh..shh.... Alright, I'm not goin to discuss bout ordinary bees plzzzz!
So, behold people, this is the Burt's Bees I'm talking about!

Ever since i started using my first Bees, i fell deeply into it cus it's just not like any other lip balm!! I have sensitive lip and my lip dry / get chapped easily under cold temperature. So you have no idea how many lip moisturiser/lip balm i'd used & i can assure you none of 'em could compete this one!! Anyway, I'm not trying to exaggerate here as the Bees are really really gooood!! & i believe whoever try it will definitely fall into it too! yaiks!

Though it's 'lil pricy, but worth to use it on your lip for protection right? Esp its lasting cooling feeling, so soothing, so refreshing ,so mesmerising so ++ haha... and so many more!! But sadly, only few selected places sell this line of product & there're mainly in KL too! (since i moved out from kl, I have to crawl back to refil my stock - just kidding) That's why i bought so many at once! Oops... hehehehee.

*yawning* okie... bedtime... tomorrow gotta get up early! Oyasuminasai!!

A&W ... in crisis?

When is the last time you had your A&W? You know, that's a fast-food restr and normally any fast-food restr would definitely grow & expand... and expand... and expand. But it seems that this one is shrinking down its size, I wonder why? There's no TVC anymore & i bet you rarely spotted one near your neighbourhood too... **no offend mr.bear**

Anyway, it happens there's one attached to a petrol station here, though it's small but i'm quite surprised when i see it right in front of my eyes...'cus all this while i thought A&W have kinda come close to extinction, you know...alright, my bad.

Erm... the last time i had my A&W was 'bout 2-3 years back with my housemate PY & i clearly remembered it was during ramadan month! We got no other choices but A&W 'cus it's dinner time / buka-puasa time & those famous Halal / non-halal restr was swamped with so many people!!!What choice do we had?! You know what, I find it ridiculous as i had my A&W under such circumstances. No kidding, okie, A&W was the only restr with so many empty table left while other restr having line of ppl waiting. Erm...

I wonder... will A&W be able to survive?
I ponder... how long then?

Carebear, it's just not your day yet... T_T