Friday, August 3, 2012

I got "the book" !

Wow.... can't you believe it? It fell from the sky in the middle of nowhere!!  Hah!! Hah!! Hah!!

Well... now i got "the book", erm... what's the first name should i write in then? Ermm... so soo hard to make my decision!! The one that i hate the most? the one that killed Harry Potter? the one that stole my laptop back then? Damn! Damn.... it's written in the book that i shall have the face appeared in my mind when i write down the name... damn... i don't even have the name nor the visual of the face! Damn You lucky thief!  

Anyway, it's best to keep the book blank 'n clean  >_<

p/s: treat me better, or else......

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The so-called 'Premium' Sandwich

As always, i easily get cheated by nice and neat finishing... like this one: so-called 'premium' sandwich! It costs me about 5 bucks and of course i'd expect juicy slices of chicken, fresh green lettuces, crunchy cucumbers, fresh tomatoes and most importantly - the creamy slightly sweet salty mayonnaise!! Right?! Those are the key ingredients that made up hell of a good sandwich!! Right?

But this so-called "Premium" Chicken Mayo is something looked good from the outside but sucks from the inside! It doesn't really have much of a taste at all!!!! And where the hell is MAYO? I flipped open each side, saw none but one or two "dying" cucumbers, lettuces and tomato... OMG!! That's so "premium"!!! -___-"

It's not a sandwich anymore without single dab of mayo... esp one called PREMIUM CHICKEN MAYO.

Cmon! Let's Chug A Lug!

I dunno why, but i've been visiting A&W quite frequent recently... even just for a glass of root beer. haha... 'beer' huh?! Yes, exactly!!! At least this 'beer' won't make me dizzy or spining and most importantly, it comes with a scoop of ice-cream!! Yay!

I've been thinking of buying that big mug too! You know, it's "DIY" - you can have it at home whenever you want to, all you have to do is just get the big mug chilled before pouring in the drink... and the great part is, you can add-on as many scoops of ice-cream as you like! (yes "SCOOPS"!!) So, the big mug is very important!! It's a MUST!! As the taste you drink it from the bottle or canned is way more different than you drink it from its chilled mug... that's true!

Hey, the fried chicken from A&W is surprisingly good too!! I've been eating it quite often as it's really better than KFC!!

There's a small mart next to the office and that's where i grab my lunchie... but as i said, the taste from the canned one is totally different.

p/s: i know i've been contradicting myself in a previous post about A&W... okay, just bear me:- never try never know, rigth? So let the 'bear' has its day!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Mambo Italiano!

(A boy went back to Napoli because he missed the scenery)
(The native dances and the charming songs)
(But wait a minute something's wrong)
('cause now it's)

Hey mambo, mambo Italiano hey mambo mambo Italiano
Go go go you mixed up Siciliano
All you Calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy with the
Hey mambo don't wanna tarantella
Hey mambo no more mozzarella
Hey mambo mambo Italiano try an enchilada with a fish baccala
Hey goomba I love how you dance the rumba
But take some advice paisano learn-a how to mambo
If you're gonna be a square you ain't-a gonna go anywhere
Hey mambo mambo Italiano hey mambo mambo Italiano
Go go Joe shake like a tiavanna
E lo che se dice you get happy in the pizza when you
Mambo Italiano

Hey chadrool you don't-a have to go to school
Just make it with a big bambino
It's like vino
Kid you good-a looking but you don't-a know what's cooking 'til you
Hey mambo mambo Italiano
Hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Ho ho ho you mixed up Siciliano
E lo che se dice you get happy in the pizza when you
Mambo Italiano

A feeling so passionate...

... that's it - passionfruit!

I'm dyin' to have a bite of...

So freaking tantalizing!! I know, right?!!
Too bad, I never have one, but if i could have a mouthful of these... i could die with no regret... *choi! *choi! *choi!!!!* 

My friend, PY sent me this link - couples of weeks back and those pastries photos there indeed look sooooo delicious  >_<  arrr... arrr... and i've been reading alot of good reviews about this cafe too!! But the thing is, it's too far away T__T"  arrr... arrr... arrr...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

KFC Tom Yum Crunch - NO!

It's a big NO-NO for me!!
I'm so disappointed on this latest flavour! O.M.G!!! It tastes nothing like tomyum at all!!! Its seasoning and spice taste rather sweet... and then the smell of lemongrass is strong too... oh gosh!!! A total disappoinment :-( !!!

Don't be deceived by this poster! Of course the ads looks very tempting indeed (it has to be this way to cheat ppl -__-") but trust me, once you try it, your taste bud will tell ya the truth!!!

Tweet tweet tweet...

Finally i've signed up to this blue 'lil birdie! But I've no idea who to follow and what to twitt. Erm... and I wonder why everyone is so crazy about this app too!? Well well, that's the reason why i lay my hand on it and try to feel its magic...

*** Abracadabra! *** Hear my voice and lets the magic comes my way!! ***  
*** Wallallaallaa! *** (anything happened??)

I felt kinda stupid if i didn't follow any, right? That's a social networking app... if that's only me and me alone, i rather tweet in my bloggie! It's still the same, right? ermm... ok, give a try then!

Tweet tweet tweet....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The walkers are back in action!

Eww... welcome to the first ep ... so intense...
but there's one part quite stupidly funny;- that's where Rick and Daryl cut the walker's stomach open and trying to "analyse" the "type of flesh" its consumed as they were searching for the missing Sophia... erm... even if the walker did slash eating the lil child, i don't think they able to trace and confirm by checking in its stomach... right? right? 

Eww... zombies...

Drop Dead.........

argghh ...O_O... why each season have to be ended with a cliffhanger?!
n most of the drama i watched also ended this way! ermm ermm... I guess basically every drama is 'advised' to leave one at the very end to draw more attention? or to get higher ratings?

Well oh well, as for this one... the story is burning hot now esp when Stacey told Grayson that Jane actually is Deb;- wow "I'm not Deb, but Jane is" wooow....

Then Grayson rushed to the airport and try to get onboard Jane's flight, but it's TOO LATE! DAMN!!!! Meantimes, someone has boarded the plane to see Jane (I thought it's Grayson BUT sadly.... that's Owen!!!!) What d heck... It suppose to end with a happy ending, but this....?! Totally turning upside down! Hey!! What's goin to happen to Jane and Grayson? and why Owen must be there?!  aarrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Anyway, the director is so smart, closing the chapter with a new beginning. But when will the new season be out!?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sick sick sick

I was so so sick for the last three days... n doc concluded that i had food poisoning. But the thing was, I didnt eat at all...erm i ate just a little bit.... okay fine, plus abit of wine too (that also i only took 2 sips!!!). I reckoned gastric was the real culprit here and then the fatal blow was the wine!!!! Hell yea!! I really hate alcohol drinks or wines or just any liquor... 'cos everytime i take 'em, the aftermath was so unbearable!! No kidding! Gosh!!

I was vomiting, in-and-out toilet for countless time, barely have the energy to stand & walking up the stairs was killing me T__T , so i was lying on the bed most of the time.... T__T


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 09

Apparently I'm about to shout and complain as i'm sneaking in again!!

"C'mon! It's just a simple math & you can't even understand it?!"
"If you don't know, admit it and listen!! What's so difficult to lower the pride of yours and hear me out?!"
"Cos im a newbie? That you foud it hard or ashame to accept the fact that i corrected you?"

30% from the total profit will never equivalent to usd0.30/kg as the total profit we earned was only usd0.40/kg!! Dammit!!! That made me so fed up to correct you when you keep sticking with your "30%= 0.30" statement & ignoring me! Fine, if you don't wanna listen, that's your loss!

Month of OCT ^_^

Erm, i just realised that I've been disappeared for a month now, what have i done? Let's see...
1st - Get my PC formatted - which means lotsa backup/copy+paste/installing involved, phew~''
2nd - My dad's PC too - argh!
3rd - Works...
4th - Back & forth hometown...
5th - Works...
then, one month passed just like that... so fast right!

And now entering the month of Oct - month that full of excitements & expectations, so exhilarating!!! Can't wait for all the incoming event goin to happen!
1st - Announcement of new IPhone 4S (despite the exterior is still identical with IP4, but the iOS 5  is super cool! Wala! esp this "SIRI" feature!!) 
2nd - Logoshope - The floating book fair! Yay! Ahoy! Capt.!
3rd - Another one: The Big Bad Wolf Book fair - the most anticipated one! Yes! Definitely will grab as many as i possibly can!!!
4th - Anticipating iOS5's driver
5th - Yay, my burthday!
6th - My bro's burthday!
7th - My dad's burthday!
(haha..this make the-biggie-Y-Trio)

Oh my, the month is just started & ive thrown in so many craps aldy... one more thing, check this out, wont-cha...