Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Save the turtle, save the world"

Turtle! Turtle eggs, turtle blah blah.... for sum kind of reasons, i've to 'work' with tuuurtlee for at least 4 months!!!! oh my turtle... if the photo is nice thn nvm larr....but if the photo very yuk xun...aiyoo...headache!! pheew, luckily my third turtle hasnt come yet...oh yea, talkng bout turle-now i remember, last 2 weeks got a "turtle guy" approached me oso~ haha...actually was WWF crew member larr, i thought he'd share bout the environment's info or ask for donation or watever....manatahu, he talked bout TURTLE!!!! turtle AGAIN... aiiyoo! at tat moment, i rili wanna told him bout my turle job to shut him up...cus i totally not interested at all. in the end, perhaps he could read my mind, then left after v chatted. Then, the next day when i passed-by tat area, again, i saw d wwf gang... the first thing came to my mind was 'ESCAPE'! before i succeed, there's another one spotted me n tried to block my way to talk! aiyoo! Then i saw the "turtle guy" in front...hoho, then v greet n then finally i walked through that gang jor~ pheew!

p/s: no more turtle, plz.

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