Sunday, December 14, 2008

"no freedom"

"Hey, are u there?!"

aiyo...dont know wat'd happened to, almost two months cannot access tat website aldy! bloody hell, all my posts n drawings were gone! GONE FOREVER! "thank you so much!" n now have to start all over again! oh man, i lost some of my frens oso, sorry u guys~

"Busy busy busy!"

Ever since i joined this company, i feel like suffocating....arghh! will hv heart-attack soon! T__T, OT all the times, hav lot of works to do, hav to be super creative, hav to b very very fast....hav to become a ROBOT! yes, robot ddnt rest but keep on working n working. gosh! sometimes hav to see boss' mood....cus the place im working now is a husband-n-wife company,u see, sumtimes they might disagree with each other or hv 'lil fight or 'lil conflict... oh yea,just like wat happened few weeks back, in the morning, i reached office quite early, so did my bosses, at the beginning they were chit-chatting near my table n planned to hv breakfast together, they were laughing blah blah....SUDDENLY they were fighting over small biz prob, oh my god, I WAS SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM, hello! i was stunned! rili ddnt know wat to do but cont doin my works silently............... i dare not looking at them aldy! watta situation!! they remained silent oso...awhile later, both of them went into their room n ddnt go for breakfast...-the end. aii.....tat's why la, v hv to be very very careful of their mood all the time.

p/s: not only busy, but stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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