Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

Christmas should be a day to cheer, to laugh, to be merry n to be happy, but for me; was another busy day. Perhaps i gv myself too much of stress ady. Actually planned to watch movie today, but aiya.... xxXXxxx! (time+money wasted)! Not only that.... i was soo blurred just now! i was trying to withdraw sum money out from atm machine, but suddenly i confused bout my password (this shouldnt be happened on me!!!!!), after few sec standing in front of the atm machine, finally i entered my password...but the transaction was failed... i thought it could be the atm machine was down or with sum kinda problem... so i tried with another atm machine then. AGAIN, the transaction was failed! i started to worry whether i entered wrong password or the card's microchip problem or WHAT!? HELP!!

Pheeww~ Luckily my fren helped me out....aiyo.....u know what, I ENTERED ONLY 4 DIGITS PASSWORD INSTEAD OF 6 DIGITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness... how could i forgot this!!!! First time ever i encounter this kind of silly mistake!! oh plz!

okie, i learned my lesson............................

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