Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally get out of the "prison"

After one month++ suffering at the office, finally i can get out of the hell n become a freeman! Hurray~~i called it Good news although the company goin to close down n i'll be jobless afterward...but who cares!!!! Since the boss are so heartless n nvr be good to their employee, it's their prob!! Everyone who worked for them will nvr cease complaining bout how terrible they treat people, how bad they are toward everyone...blah blah....everyday i can listen new story bout their "chou si" from old colleague....but everyone left...
okie, these r how i suffered there for 1month++:::

1) Everyday im being watched/stared from 2 devils(husband n wife boss) was sitting directly in front of me, the later was sitting directly behind of that they can stare at my pc screen during working hour!!!! *childish*! i feel like suffocating n soo uncomfortable being watched like that! they r soo damn childish to do this kinda stuff....c'mon, even they were not sitting one front one back , i aldy got piles of works to do....non-stop

2) Yes....overWorkload....since im the only employee there, so i hv to do everything!! came non-stop! n i aldy work like a robot.... those 2 devils rili squeeze ppl to work for them!

3) Everyday sit next to me n ask my progress....*scared that i got nothing to do... tat's why b4 i finish one task....there will be few lining ahead for me! shit!! n tat's why everyday i work like a robot!!! work will nvr finish!

4) They r babysitter:: cus they wont leave me alone in the office....scared tat i might burn down their office, they will take turn to watch over me!!!! *crazy! damn ci sin!!!!!

5) They SNEAK.
This was funny...they rili did sneak in the office.......n soooooo quietly to come in the office, n suddenly appear behind me!!!! n then they use the side door to come to the studio, not the one that they usually use!!!!! *sigh* *how childish they r! Ever since the first time, then i noticed it every morning they come into the office....they rili hide the Beep sound well......*crazy!

6) Checking
Rili checking on my pc screen....e.g one incident..... i sent a approved pdf to the lady boss.... after tat i hvnt close the ori file n left it open on the screen, (cus i was sketching some ideas on the other job...) then suddenly the male boss called from the back n ask me why it's still open ... Oh My God!!! until this extend..... *speechless! i should hv caught him red-handed by that time n asked him!!! but i nvr think bout it ! Shit!!!! wasted a good chance!

7) They over-scared
This was ridiculous: the lady boss started locking her room everyday she left office (no matter it was still early!) cus all the while, she nvr lock her door...never! but after she told us they planned to close the office, then started on tat day...she lock her door everyday....funny! she thought v goin to sneak in to her room n steal or wat? this was funny.....they were soo damn childsh!!!

8) Fake + pretending
They rili good at it! they r faking to be nice....but v all know they were devil from within....even client knows bout it!...everybody does!! *sigh* rili cant tahan this kinda ppl..... shou pei lar!!! aunty! uncle!

*Lousy office*

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