Monday, August 24, 2009


monday... T__T....
Really pissed off early in the morning after reading SHIT's email! -bout the BM translation tat my coll (the receptionist) did...n bout the website tat i did last week. Rili angry bout it cus it's not Letch's job to do all the translation! They suppose to send to the translator to do the job! but they DIDNT! JUST 'COS THEY WANT TO SAVE N THEN CHARGE CLIENT HIGHER! while she's jst receptionist! n now, after all the hard works....n to get this email, pointed to Letch....indicated she'll goin to translate more n more in the future!!! SIAO! this was not the first time aldy! even v designer oso hv to do the translations!! u see how terrible The SHITs r!!

Well...not only this! bout he website pula! shit!!!! now come back want to change it all!!!! u know wat! cus they nvr show the visual nor the layout design to client first b4 i proceed the web! as usual, they very Lan Lek , terus ask me to proceed to do!!! n never brief me wat exactly client want! (most of the time, v do more than wat client want!! those tat unnecessary !! those tat ddnt make-sense+wasting-time works! all thx to The SHITs). n now pula, ask me to totally change it!! @#%$&(*&)!! RILI HATE THEM!!!! arrghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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