Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year! 2010!

It's been quite awhile...time flies, and it's year 2010 now. 2009 was just like yesterday...and i am still the same ... Many people say we should set a new year resolution and then work for it. year resolution...erm.... i think i should refresh myself first then only list 'em down!

New year eve....erm, as usual, ddnt go out, but stay in the house with housemates (tan,meimei,paoyan,teoh,paoyan's fren and me). well, since our place here able to see fireworks nearby kl city, so every year, we'd just standing outside, countdown n then watch the fireworks! not bad though... v can watch almost / more than 5 minutes fireworks here in our condo. afterward, v just had our snacks ,drinks gossips n chit chatting.... tat was how i celebrated new year eve.... summore i hate the crowded, esp ppl were stuck together and no single space to move around. ee....

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