Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ExpresSoup with PY

yea yea, i came back to kl cos of u lar~haha! pheww...it's been ages ddnt go times square aldy, everythng seems so unfamiliar n scary!! even though we went on weekday, the whole place is still crowded with lotsa lotsa lotsa people!!!!!! i hate crowds....too many ppl gathered in the small space make me kinda suffocated....tat's why i rarely go to bukit bintang area (hehhe though i worked nearby there for 2 years).....it's jz phobia.... >_<.... yea yea....we took this special bread+soup for our lunch...cos its nice curry's aroma spreading the whole floor, soo tempting n suddenly drew us there~~~haha. wat makes it special is the bread tat served the curry soup. (yeayea, the bowl was made by bread)...arghh..too bad the photo was not with me.. T__T...  n surprisingly the pokka fruit drink tat came along with the curry set was quite nice too. next time i gonna try other flavour jor~

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