Monday, May 9, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 05

I hate Monday!!! Not only piles of works waited to be cleared, but people rushing here and there, phone keep ringing everywhere... making everybody so tensed up---just so havoc!!!

Then pagi-pagi there's this bloody b*tch called up and ruined my day, totally! You know what, I was so kind answering the stupid phone with friendly tone somemore, but this b*tchy chicken cock cock cock .... yoh!!!!

meeiyi : morning, xxxx.
b*tch c : christie plz.
meeiyi : sorry, there's no christie here.
b*tch c : christie wor.
meeiyi : here is xxxx, there's no christie here. are you sure is - christie, not S.T?
b*tch c : yala, what do mean by no christie!? (started yelling)
(walau eh, ppl said don't have this person, she still yelled yelled yelled!)

Hey B*tch! U yaself don't know who u're lookin for, then shut ya damn mouth and ask properly lar!!! If i didn't answer the F*cking phone, i wouldnt be soooo frustrated the whole morning! damn U!! I even get the right person for u, but why can't u show lil bit of gratitide and thank me in return!????? bloody hell!!!

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