Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stay tuned!

Time passes so fast, one week had passed in just a blink of an eye! It was quite a mess few days back as my colleague was on leave and i was the only one left in my depatrment!! Gosh, considering im still a newcomer and there's so much more i dont know yet esp comes to the calculation of A/F rate or which agent to contact or dealing with fussy customers!! I was so scared if i did something wrong, then i'll die.............

Aside from the absent of my colleague, then there's another one from account department was on leave too! Oh damn...! That's mean i need to standby and help out - fortunately still got good people assist me, so i could focus on my own works.

Aiks, no matter how carefull i was, i still made mistake! T__T!!! Luckily i was quite close with that client, he just called and pointed out the wrong figure. If this was happened to other client, im sure i'd be scolded gaogao!! Anyway, it's not the time to feel grateful though, but to take note and improve!! right?! Aiks! There were still other matters made me so down lately too, that's why i didn't log in here for a week already... aiks.

All right, since today is saturday, so gotta put those sad things aside first,... hehe.... here comes my ruuka version of Green Lantern!!!! Haha, cmon let's cite my fav oath...

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No one shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware of my power, Green Lantern Light!

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