Sunday, September 4, 2011

3D Revolution Rolls On

Yeah, 3D technology is nothing new but it still kinda hits now. Aside from embedding the tech into movies and TV, it even become possible in handheld products! Yes that Nintendo 3DS, craaaaazy!! and it doesn't require 3D glasses at all! Woow!! In coming year, I'm sure there would be more 3D device that works without the 3D glasses! Cool yooh!!

Anyway we still need the 3D glasses now to watch 3D movie from TV set. But you know what, blu-ray dics are so pricy #%$&^*! So does the blu-ray + 3D %$#@*!! How to afford more!?

So the 3D glasses are useless without the 3D movie @#$&^%!!
(pirated punya tarak... T_T...)

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