Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Early B.D bash

Finally i got my G! But the blasting part is... it's turned out to be my b.d present!! I screamed so much last night ... waaa I've been waiting for its arrival since early of Aug. Oh yea... almost one month now >_<  you know, the feeling of waiting, is bittersome!! 

Ok, on top of that, i gotta express my sincerest gratitude toward Mr.Beanie for buying it, carrying it back all the way to m'sia and it's my burthday gift!!! (The earliest bd gift i've ever received!) (Ermmm, or may be Beanie paiseh asking me to pay? 'cos he blushes easily... kinda miz his blushing face >_< )

Anyhow, " Thank you, beanie! "

And now here's my watch...  clinging nicely around my wrist... 

It's combined of analog + digital, the number 1, 7, 11 were printed on the surface of the glass as if they're floating on top, while the hands rotate beneath. Then the sec & the date were shown one layer down. Cool right! It becomes even more glorious when the LED light is on in the dark as if you see the whole thing glows in 3D!!! No kidding! It's really stunning cool!

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