Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drop Dead.........

argghh ...O_O... why each season have to be ended with a cliffhanger?!
n most of the drama i watched also ended this way! ermm ermm... I guess basically every drama is 'advised' to leave one at the very end to draw more attention? or to get higher ratings?

Well oh well, as for this one... the story is burning hot now esp when Stacey told Grayson that Jane actually is Deb;- wow "I'm not Deb, but Jane is" wooow....

Then Grayson rushed to the airport and try to get onboard Jane's flight, but it's TOO LATE! DAMN!!!! Meantimes, someone has boarded the plane to see Jane (I thought it's Grayson BUT sadly.... that's Owen!!!!) What d heck... It suppose to end with a happy ending, but this....?! Totally turning upside down! Hey!! What's goin to happen to Jane and Grayson? and why Owen must be there?!  aarrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Anyway, the director is so smart, closing the chapter with a new beginning. But when will the new season be out!?

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