Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 09

Apparently I'm about to shout and complain as i'm sneaking in again!!

"C'mon! It's just a simple math & you can't even understand it?!"
"If you don't know, admit it and listen!! What's so difficult to lower the pride of yours and hear me out?!"
"Cos im a newbie? That you foud it hard or ashame to accept the fact that i corrected you?"

30% from the total profit will never equivalent to usd0.30/kg as the total profit we earned was only usd0.40/kg!! Dammit!!! That made me so fed up to correct you when you keep sticking with your "30%= 0.30" statement & ignoring me! Fine, if you don't wanna listen, that's your loss!

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