Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Month of OCT ^_^

Erm, i just realised that I've been disappeared for a month now, what have i done? Let's see...
1st - Get my PC formatted - which means lotsa backup/copy+paste/installing involved, phew~''
2nd - My dad's PC too - argh!
3rd - Works...
4th - Back & forth hometown...
5th - Works...
then, one month passed just like that... so fast right!

And now entering the month of Oct - month that full of excitements & expectations, so exhilarating!!! Can't wait for all the incoming event goin to happen!
1st - Announcement of new IPhone 4S (despite the exterior is still identical with IP4, but the iOS 5  is super cool! Wala! esp this "SIRI" feature!!) 
2nd - Logoshope - The floating book fair! Yay! Ahoy! Capt.!
3rd - Another one: The Big Bad Wolf Book fair - the most anticipated one! Yes! Definitely will grab as many as i possibly can!!!
4th - Anticipating iOS5's driver
5th - Yay, my burthday!
6th - My bro's burthday!
7th - My dad's burthday!
(haha..this make the-biggie-Y-Trio)

Oh my, the month is just started & ive thrown in so many craps aldy... one more thing, check this out, wont-cha...

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