Saturday, August 1, 2009

Addicted to these >>

This game rili a big hit nowadays huh, everyone is playing it! and all my friens is playing it now...and they r addicted to it! even though u lost all ya money, u'll b given a sum of money the next day! u just hv to wait for the next day to cont.! cont the revenge! n to cont to win Big Money! tat's all.... haha...but i keep losing money T__T... and everyday i hv to wait the small sum of money which is just $368 <---- Not Enough At All!! cus when i was rili bad luck, i could LOSE ALL just in ONE GAME!!! >_<>>>

Another one > called Crazy Planet.... it sure did crazy! 'til u need to ("have to") kill ya comrade to win the medal.... though i kill it...i still hvnt got har!? i even make my comrade suicide huh?! guess i would never win tat medal....
And then this one... 'til i achieved 1ST Place!!!! wuahhhaahhhaaa!!!! n being called ALIEN! (cus no human being can beat this score!?) wuahhaahaa!!!! Jst simply Incredible!!!!!!
p/s: all thx to Facebook to provide all those interesting games!

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