Tuesday, August 31, 2010

breads...'n cake....

Breads breads n cakes cakes..... ever since mum bought this expensive+ultimate oven, mum started baking all types of breads n cakes. i'm not saying it's a bad thing nor complaining anything but it's a compliment indeed. wahaha.... and i got lotsa breads breads 'n cakes cakes to eat~wonderful~

'Practice makes perfect' .. and i totally agree with this phrase. Everyone is not perfect tat's why we need to devote more of our efforts and time on things that we set to do~! the more we practise, the more we do on a particular task, v definitely will accomplish a desire result! Apply to the same : this baking skill.... mum's baking skill getting better n better~ rili!!!!!!!

yummy yummy one.....rolled with seaweed+ham.....

*hot *hot *hot.....baking inside the oven....flower shaped pandan paste bread...

wonderful one.....another fruit cake made by mum~ nice! thumbs up!
"who want a piece???" hehehe

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