Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back!

what?what?what?! hoho almost half a year i ddnt log in here....quite bz back then~!
A-hem...'busy' doesn't mean i gt a job, err...jz that i keep travelling between kl n my hometown.

Alright, B-I-N-G-O! i resigned AGAIN! i know you goin to shout 'WTH' to me again....calm down calm down.......anyway i learned new things from my previous co. thank you~! arigato~! most valuable experience was i got the chance to execute my works with mac....though this platform rili killing me !!!! esp the shortcut keys! im a window user, so it's norm to hit lotsa nails at the beginning.... -_-"" rite?rite?rite?~

okie dokie... the last co i worked at....how to describe...the co was like a eerie castle?! cus it's located far far away frm town...(my col said 鸟不生蛋)...quiet..silent biz park...with lotsa lotsa neh neh+scary foreign workers, construction site nearby....alright,go bck to the ADR Castle...ruled by 2 kings and a queen...but we, the employees-were way more pathetic....doin all the 'donkey works' in the 'dungeon'.....everyday start working until the moon came out saying HIii !! woooooooo..ooo... hehe, but at least i got nice colleagues... Fu,Hteng,Ejuin and Irene~! yea the Big-5!!! tel u wat, the dungeon was rili rili soo quiet during working hours.....everyone was so damn focusing.... may be this was one of the points tat u guys one by one moving out. i missed the jokes v used to make, and fu's funny dirty language....n when irene argue with fu...n when v chatted bout the ''frog''(haha...shh...u know wat i mean). good time passes fast. yea. n now everyone was leaving but leaving u,irene n hteng.....good luck n hope u find your happiness all the time.miss u...though u goin to leave early next year. good luck!!

p/s: i miss u

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