Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KL-Hometown, Hometown-KL

rush rush rush...ish ish ish.....yesterday i was in kl, but now im at hometown....i dont hv a magic wand to send me back n forth (but i wish i do)...tat 'cos i gotta go back kl to pick up sum of my clothes n most importantly my sweater!!!! hehe...cus im goin to genting tomorrow noon~~~ although the weather in genting now not as cold as before, i still can get cold easily!! aii...im too weak to the cold weather! even sitting inside the office, my jacket will always on me...watta shame... all the fat within my body r useless afterall~!!

anyway, i'd a nice lunch today--> KFC Hot 'n Spicy Shrimp set~~ the shrimps were not fried the same way as last time~nice nice nice!!! next time im gonna just order the shrimp enough, too much of chickens oso cant finish...aii......

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