Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Walking Dead

Here's another tv series i'd like to share - The Walking Dead! Okaaaay, I'm not a big fan of ghost stories nor horror movies, but this one is pretty awesome and horriying!! Really!Especially the film-quality setting and the scary creepy makeup...oh man... they're f**king real !!! Yaawwwww!!!

Then these flesh-eating walkers would never die even their limbs were chopped off! Oh yea, even half of the body was remain and the skin was tore off too, you'd still be able to see their mouth moving and chewing non-stop unless they were decapitated. Eeeuuu... I know, the rotten face and moving chapped lip...freaking XXXX! Well, all i can say was the execution of CGI was too well and fine!? Good job!

Hmm... don't worry, not all the zombies make you puke, there're still some of them may look funny too... i don't know, i just find it so fake sometimes. So you could still be eating lasagna while watching those zombies eating the human flesh.....yumm!

Anyway, Season 1 only have 6 episodes, while Season 2 would only started in Oct 2011. Sighing... why this loooonngg!???? Zombies need to be fed too !!!

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