Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bean Bean on-the-go!

Arghhh!! Argghhhh!!!!! I was so damn freakin out last night, I thought P1 4G broadband speed should be faster and with wider coverage, but WTH*** the status showed it was connected (i even got 4 green bars out of 5) and yet I couldn't surf the net!!! This is ridiculous!!! Is 4G technology this damn lousy?

Gosh! Let's not have this stupid thing ruin my mood today... alright!! Okay, let's get on to the topic of the day! Wa-laaaa!!

Yess! I'm gonna get my bean bag soon!!!! Hohohohooo i'm so excited and couldn't wait to lie on it at once!!!!!! Wahahaha!!!!!! You know what, I've been longing for one since so many many years ago! and now - my dream comes true~!! and I'd get TWO bean bean indeed!!! Cheese!!!!!!! Meoooww!!!!!!! hahaha!

Anyway, i still have to wait for another 2 weeks time 'cos no more stock left at the moment and the promoter has to place an order to get it ship over yohh! (Guess that I was too soon too shout my excitement!) Hehehe! Never mind, I still could be able to imagine myself laying on the bean and take my sip of how darn good is that!

Okie, it's time to get ready to work!

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