Monday, April 25, 2011

my pup's almost BLIND

I'm sooo sorry... i didn't mean to make both of your eyes swollen red... T_T...


I was so happy seeing my pup again yesterday, and I'm sure he was pretty excited too. Before i enter the living room, I could already see his tail swinging so HARD and the loud barking too, as if he was blaming me for leaving him this long! Haha... he's indeed getting bigger, heavier and naughtier!! When i hold him up and cuddle him, he started sniffing and licking my face non stop... woow... my lil baby bibi... 

Then i put on the muzzle i newly bought, too bad it was looser and bigger than his mouth, thus the strap keep rubbing against his eyes. I swear i didn't put on too long on him! And his eyes were still ok by then! But later on, I found that his eyes became swollen red and i yelled!! Gosh!!  T__T ... his red innocent sad and watery eyes made me even more guilty! Hey, of course we did rush to the vet at once! You know what, it scared the hell outta me when the nearby vet was closed and we'd to travel farther to seek for help!!!!!!!! Luckily the infection was not so serious, and his eyes were okay after couple of hours later. Thank God! +Thank you, Dr Kiew, for letting me in even you're preparing closing the door!

Poor thingy... hope you're okay by now~ hehe~

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