Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sneak in Entry - 01

Greeting People/Martians/Aliens/Dead Walkers 'n blah blah blah;

(*feeling bit bit guilty sneak in here during office hour while others busy working*)

I knew i've been disappeared for quite a long time now, uh hum... let's see... 1,2,3,4...oh gosh - almost 5 months !!!! I really didn't realise time passes this fast! 5 months!!! oh my god! So much had happened and so much had changed, and i don't know where to begin with. First, it was the Chinese New Year celebration then i went to Hatyai with family in March... err... and then getting a new pup and erm... found a new job+moved out from KL and da-da-da-da-da starting a new life at a whole new place!

Phew... watta quick summary for the past 4 months~

Guess that i shouldn't continue to type anymore... i don't want to 'alert' others as im sneaking in at this hours~! hohohoho.....

The End.

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