Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 03

meeiyi                                 'monstors'
HP : 50 / 100                         HP : 90 / 100  

I'm defeated! I'm exhausted! I need super mushroom to power-up! + Fire Flower to boosting up my energy!!!!! I wanna throw bouncing fire balls right now!! aarrrr arrrrr aarrrr!!!! damn!!! die! die! diieeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been running up and down, front and back, left to right and right to left the whole morning! Guess that newcomer really have to do more than the others~ ermm..... never mind as long as i learn new things everyday. arrr arrr arrrrrr!!!!


  1. I think u need a starfish soup

  2. Why starfish? why not mushroom? why not Blooper too?