Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm so so sick

Why baby chicken is always pale yellow, light yellow, deep yellow, yellow? Could it because of the yolk?! Right? That's where the baby chicken get the color from right? What if i inject other color into the yolk, would the baby chicken turnout different color as well? This is so cool, because we could choose the color for our baby chicken~! What if rainbow color then? how to make the yolk rainbow color too? arghh.... i'm confused.

I'm still not feeling well lately T_T, i've been sick since wednesday night; i thought i'd be okay after taking two Panadol ActiFast, but the next day, my sore throat getting more serious, and my head were goin to explode even though i've been lying on the bed like a dead corpse for the whole day ... so my last solution: went to see a doctor, else i'd be sick on Chinese New Year and i couldn't eat all the 'good food'!

CNY is still THREE days away.... FOOD, wait for me... i'm gonna eat you all! Just you wait!!

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