Saturday, November 13, 2010


I went to Pipit Wonderful Market 5 for the first time today. It's amazing seeing all the talented designers there, and their beautiful display too. So the first thing after entering the gallery was looking for the Bunny Pocket~ which i longed to have it desperately. Then finally i saw the familiar name hung over the wall and ValerieYan herself too! Wow, then i approached her unit and tried to look for bunny. Yet there's no sight of them!! and my heart was like sank a 'lil... 'NO'... so i asked her no matter what and she told me 'out of stock' (which i probably knew she'd hv answered that). ai..... but good news is, she would order more stocks and ask me to place the order via her website.... aiii..... so sad... and i've to break my promise to my friend then. Sorry buddy, couldnt get you one today!! Bunny....bunny.....

By the way, it's been almost 10 years since my last visit there i guess, and a bit of nostalgia too. The place i used to hang out with my friends, the same old cafe nearby where we grabbed our quick bite before the tuition class, the same old Mc D where i took lunch back then. Those buildings were already covered with flaky old paint, yet still very crowded and still a hot spot for tourists too. if it's not because of the PWM, i think i wouldn't come back here again... thanks, i've my wonderful moment there!

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