Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let me down again

What exactly had happened these two days, first i couldn't get my pocket, then this morning, i couldnt get my bike! Why this always happen on me? Why i always is so unlucky? Am i being cursed or what? T_T.

Okay, I woke up so damn early this morning even though i barely had enough of sleep last night due to my excitement about the cycling thing, and my adrenaline sort of trembling crazily when i think of cycling around the park. Okay i'm not insane, just that i stopped cycling since i started my secondary school, it's been a long time and i really miss cycling again, you know. Alright, back to my story, actually we'd planned to go to Taman Pertanian early in the morning and our main purpose goin there was to do the cycling, oh-yea, cycling!! Even though it seemed pretty early, but when we reached there, the car park was almost occupied, can you believe it!? Early birds!! Wow, wait a minute, when we heading to the bike counter, there're alot of people waited there like us ,so the queue was inevitably long. Wow! I never thought so many people here...WOW! We're still late then!

After waiting for almost half an hour, then one of the people working there shouted NO MORE BIKE!!!

"What? NO MORE BIKE"? are you kidding me!? no more bike? there're still alot of people queued and waited here! Gosh....give me a break!!! We woke up so early, came down this far, paid the parking fee and the admission fee and now u told us NO BIKE! OMG!

That's mean we came here for nothing, so we call it off ... that's it... end of our exploration.

The End

p/s: Seriously, they should prepare more bikes and upgrade the place a little!!

I spotted Sandy's family there!

I manage to snap one pic after all the disappointments

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