Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr. Monk

yea, truly the OCD  (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
 After watching the episod 'Mr Monk and the End', i never thought they really put an END to it! I thought it's the End for Season 8, and there would be a whole new season after and after and later on!? But i was abit upset after google it 'cos it's really the END! yes THE END!! I felt like a sudden hit onto my head.

Every story will not last forever, it still will be ended when the time come. So, i prefer watching happy ending to a sad one. And i'm glad 'Mr Monk and the End' was a good ending; no wonder Sharona came back in one of the episodes, revealed that she and Randy were together and Randy resigned then move to New Jersey to her; Leland finally met a beautiful lady and get married (Monk was soo overwhelmed when he was asked to became his best man, wow and you know what, Monk was incharged of the bachelor party and they having the bachelor party at Monk's house!? can't you believe it?! haha....that's crazy! Pizza without anything, not even cheese on it! Bathroom in the bathroom?!); and at the end of the whole series, Monk was not alone anymore , 'cos he has his 'family' (hey, not that doggy that he adopted), Monk has a daughter, Trudy's daughter, and yes he'd finally solved Trudy's case after all that years... ah... ...

I still can't believe Monk has ended this fast! I'd definitely watch again! May be you think he's just a freak, but he's a real genius! He can see what other people can't see, he's too human! Even though he's not a people person. Well, if there are more people like Monk, then our world will be very peaceful....neat and clean..... haha... let's do the hand thing!

"You'd thank me later."


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