Tuesday, November 9, 2010

JULIAN SMITH - Jellyfish

: Beatboxing :

: Guitar joined in :

psh.. psh..psh..pshh


Jelly + Fish... Jellyfish.... 

Take some jelly, take some fish, make that sandwish deli-ous...just make sure you don't eat, or real jellyfish...or YOU"LL DIE....hahaha....BOOM!!!

I love this short video very much, it's so funny!! Of course, who do you think he is, he is Julian Smith! I can't get enough of his videos, and he is cute too~ hehe.... the first time i get to know him was from one of his videos called '' 25 things i hate about Facebook ". That video was pretty creative and funny at the same time, eventually i started following him in youTube and then his website. ... and i missed Gabrielle too... yea, the fella who kidnapped Julian for days... turned out he's not that terrible, at least he didn't torture him much... Gabrielle still fed him anyway, brushing his teeth, combing his hair... i guess Gabrielle started to like him!! haha, that's why Gabrielle went back for Julian and seek for his forgiveness? haha...in fact he was haunted, haunted by the fact that he didn't kill julian when he had the chance?! But i don't think Gabrielle is that kind of person~ gosh. And the most ridicolous part was Gabrielle trying to make him open the door; 

Julian: "Look, i'm not opening the door, okay."
Gabrielle: "Well, may be you won't for me, but you'd have to for the 'The Pizzaman'."
Julian: "I didn't order pizza."
Gabrielle: "Yes, you did..." then straightaway Gabrielle called and ordered pizza on phone...

hahaha.....damn funny! By the way, he is really good at capturing and editing the videos, but those are nothing without the creativity and the talent he possessed! Hoping one day he will become a well known director and produce more and more good movies!

Here's another one... haha....
Never ever tell your kids Bedtime story like this... haha

This one is more hilarious...haha... i love you so much..

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