Sunday, November 7, 2010


haha...I saw my friend posted in her FB lately wishing for a Delete button (luckily she's not hoping for a Shut Down button), but why Delete button when you can opt for other better button right? There're so many buttons.... Delete means gone n vanished forever, unless you want to crawl back to the recycle bin and restore it? hm...what if that is a sad memory or assignment that you badly done or any other thing, by deleting and restoring them back still wouldn't solve anything, they are still there. If they're deleted, then whatever you've done or go through would be forever disappeared too, don't you think it's little too wasteful to vanish them like that? There would be something wonderful in it too!? May be you havn't realized yet, such as the experiences you gained in the process...there're just too valuable to give away...mmm....

Anyway, if there's such power ever existed on those button, then i'd go for "CTRL+Z" which is also Undo button. Then this become so handly whenever you did something wrong or unsatisfy on what you've done. At least you still got the 2nd chance to Undo it and make it right again! Yes, again and cool is that! Then you'd never regret, regret no more...

If there's such button, then i'd choose it right, do it wise, and make everything fine.

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