Monday, November 8, 2010

You wanna be a doll?

What would it be like if you're a doll? Neither paper doll nor lifeless doll, but a real walking and talking doll!? So cool ~ way more cooler than a mere puppet, 'cos doll is not attached with strings or being controlled or manipulated by its master and what's more, doll is more beautiful! Yay! I guess i watch too much of Dollhouse, that's why keep day-dreaming of being a doll?! Anyway this tv series is quite interesting and different too, 'cos most the time dolls are depicted as creepy eerie thingy in horror movies, right! -e.g the serial killer Chucky (Child's Play) and Dead Silence, haha...i wonder who started using this doll idea in horror movies, 'cos it's really creepy, you know.

But luckily this Dollhouse is not another scary tv series, these dolls are just a bunch of people with their memories wiped and then inserted new memories and personalities for their mission. Thus, they could be anybody according to their mission. hey, I'd just finished the first season, and find it really interesting, so i'd cont until the last ep then.

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