Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Trip

It’s been a lil since I left my blog far behind, so now I gotta force myself sit down ‘n ‘fill in the blank’ for the past few days... here we go~

But before that, allow me to have a sip of my hot white coffee first….

Okay we had this family trip, a 'crazy' trip with a bunch of relatives, a dozen to be exact, and with only 2 cars! Tell you what, all of my aunties were sized XXL! Gosh! Sh*! At the beginning our car was just 3 people ( I was the only one sitting behind and I still able to 'rock 'n roll inside), but then because of the large crowd, another 3 people had to squeezed in our car! WTH! Because of that, i was like a deflated balloon and turned into a tiny weeny anchovy stuck at the far end of the seat + leaned against the door and unable to move!! (‘cos their XXL bum took up all the spaces!WTH!) C'mon! and it was about one hour drive, so I had to keep frozen before got out of the car! And gratefully the tyres were so strong to carry us all up to the hill… to the top… to Genting! pheww… whatta trip!

Then they brought grandma in her wheelchair into the casino. Actually I’m not so close with my grandma, I barely know her, she lives quite far away, she speaks hokkien but I don’t, so sometimes I don’t know how to communicate with her, sometimes I speak Cantonese with her, but didn’t know what she answered. She’s a smoker, a heavy smoker indeed, so I’m quite afraid of standing next to her…

Then I walked into the casino to join them and walk around…. suffocating… and I almost fainted because of the smoke! My grandma lagi in her wheelchair, one hand on cigarette, one hand on the chips…wahlau eh!! what a scene… speechless… super nana were gambling…

That night I couldn’t fall asleep, caught a flu and running nose, until almost 6am… then Zzzz…. it’s very hard and frustrated to push myself into slumber. Then I was a walking corpse the next day, damn…

Eventually I wasn’t function well the following days, most of my time were lying on the couch or sleeping on the bed – charging myself up.

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