Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's just like cheeses to mouse

I've been searching for a doorstopper lately and suddenly i happened to come across to these cute lil thingy which draw me to have the urge to buy 'em all. Okay, I just can't help it! I just easily get attracted to all the adorable stuff... you know, cheeses to mouse, bones to doggy, yarn balls to kitty... wooow sorry!

Haha, here's the doorstopper, Mr.Piggie.
Just imagine it get stucked in front of the door and yelled " aaaarrrrghh~~~My tail!!!!!!!!!!!" (though it doesn't has this sad or painful expression... haha) but it's fun to imagine if it's alive and all the possibilities that could happen to this lil poor piggie on the floor. Right? Right? Haha, i got another one here... 

" Hey Mister!! Hey youuuuu!! Down hereeeee '' shouted.
...Mumbling: " Oh my god you giant trunkie, am I too small too be noticed here, gosh...heeEY "
'' I get stucked here the whole day! Can you PLEASE hv some mercy on ME!? "

I guess i'd spend whole day squatting in front of the door and talking with that lil thing...

I just can't wait to lay my hand on this

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