Thursday, August 25, 2011

Give me a break pls!

I knew i'm new, i knew i have to do all the trivialities, but can't you please give me sometimes to settle things i ought to do first before continuing with the stuff that you passed over? Hey, error and mistake might be incurred when dealing with too many tasks at once, you know!!?

Just imagine you were replying few urgent emails that required to attach different different doc for each one, then suddenly you're asked to fax this and that, later on you've to prepare cheque and bankdraft of this and that, afterward asked to send email to this and that, phone was ringing interval time which nobody bother to answer, then new doc flowing in which you need to assign the job number and proceed on the necessary procedure... blah blah blah... gosh! I'm in hell!!

How i wish to have a Wii right now ...

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