Friday, August 19, 2011

I am just a puppet

I feel like a mere puppet today.

I knew the question they made me asked was silly, but it's an 'order' so I just couldnt refuse T_T but to follow accordingly! I felt like entering the firepit once again.

Alright, there's an agent requesting Exp A/F quotation from KUL-BKK... erm, ok this wasn't important, my point was the dimension agent provided, let's say : 3cm x 5cm x 230cm, anyone would know this is something thin and long, right? But suddenly boss came out and deliberately pointed the dimension to me and explained the correct sequence of dimension should be: L x W x H... erm, i knew this but sometimes they might put wrongly or for those who's not in the related industry might mix up too, but that's not so important also as we still able to get the volumetric weight from the dimension!

So, back to the topic, alright there were 3 of us 'discussing' about this stupid thing, saying if the box was too high, it would be abit difficult to get into the airplane... understandable, but in this case - from the dimension, logically, the cabin crew of course would put 'em lying flat horizontally on the floor!! or whichever position depend on the space availability, am I right? C'mon, who would be so stupid to have to carry them straight up vertically where there's another alternative to carry 'em the other way round??? Gooosh.... I really wanna scream out seeing the '*senior' keep nodding to the boss and 'puttin-on' the fire!!! (you know, my voice was never be heard, as im still a newbie - that whatever i said was useless?) and i don't understand why boss was so obsessed with the sequence and insisted on finding out the 230cm in this context... while the 'senior' seemed 'so supporting' to find out too!! (obviously she's bootlicking okay!)
(*senior as in years of service)


Then the funny part came, boss instruct me to ask the agent about this '230cm'... and so did the 'senior' too!! I was like ''whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?''  ''Is this for reeeeaall??'' O.M.G! THIS WAS SILLY OKAY!! THINK LOGICALLY LA!!!! aiiii, no matter how hard i screamed inside, i still have to follow accordingly, as i was just a mere puppet!!

And i find it so so foolish to ask :
"Kindly advise is 230cm the height of the box?" 

I still think it was sillly, oh man.... what's the big deal if it's this high or not? Gosh... the other party was agent too!! and what would they think seeing this kind of stupid question?? I'm not a fool okay!! That's why it took me so long to press the bloody SEND button!! My God...  

Once again, puppeteer take control of everything, and i'm just a mere puppet... eventually, it's all about 'the mastermind' & 'the executer' all over again.

I still couldnt escape from this fate...

Imma gonna aaaaargghhhhhh too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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