Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 08

Aarghh... another war day!!
When people are planning for their holiday on this coming holiday, we're preparing for war! I didn't say I dislike holiday, just that everytime around a festive season, esp the big one, we'd definitely encounter lotsa 'unexpected things'! And I hate it when it comes to 'urgent' consignment!! Check out this sample circular replied from [*o*] Airline;  

Waa... i never thought this could happen! Though it's a small airline, they can't just totally stop the service right? erm erm... It's already in peak season, not only the cargoes rushing to fly out, the people also trying to fly out too! gosh... !! It getting harder to book the right flight. All because of this stupid circular!

"Yes, thanks for the wishes!'"

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