Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneak In Entry - 07

I hate bein a scapegoat & i'm so fed up bein one!! You know what, the mastermind will always off the hook while the executer will always get blamed / scolded! What's goin on!??? is every newbie hav to become a 'goat' & get 'slaughtered' first before they can 'slash' other? 

I believe in learning from mistakes as they make you improve, cos you did learn! so you wont make the same mistake again n again. Right? But my situation here is different, i learned from being a scapegoat! How sad is that!! Once bitten twice shy, right? Who would be so stupid to fall into the same trap again n again? That's where i learn, to avoid bein scolded as I'm the 'executer' follow instruction from the 'mastermind'! Even the 'executer' asked if it's save to proceed and even the 'mastermind' confirmed there'd no prob to go ahead, but when the prob started to surface, everyone included the so-called 'mastermind' would finger-point toward the 'executer' !! You know, there're some people just bein so asshole to push people into the firepit in order to save themselves!! n i reaaaally despise this kinda people!!

What's more.... okie, i learned something about 'black & white' today, even for the tiny teeny trivial issue! I knew B&W is important but i never thought i have to implement this among my colleagues! You see, as we work together, we should trust each other right? At least that's what i'm thinking: i should n i have to. But, i was wrong... 'cus i was just get stabbed!! Okie, here's what happened; i passed an important confirmation message verbally over the phone to my colleague in the morning...but after lunch-time he called up (yea the same person) and told the 'mastermind' he didn't know & never receive any message!!! OMG! How can he do this to me!?? How i wish my phone has a recorder that record every single line we said! Damn! Another asshole!! I surely will remember this and yes - B&W too!!

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