Monday, August 15, 2011

A&W ... in crisis?

When is the last time you had your A&W? You know, that's a fast-food restr and normally any fast-food restr would definitely grow & expand... and expand... and expand. But it seems that this one is shrinking down its size, I wonder why? There's no TVC anymore & i bet you rarely spotted one near your neighbourhood too... **no offend mr.bear**

Anyway, it happens there's one attached to a petrol station here, though it's small but i'm quite surprised when i see it right in front of my eyes...'cus all this while i thought A&W have kinda come close to extinction, you know...alright, my bad.

Erm... the last time i had my A&W was 'bout 2-3 years back with my housemate PY & i clearly remembered it was during ramadan month! We got no other choices but A&W 'cus it's dinner time / buka-puasa time & those famous Halal / non-halal restr was swamped with so many people!!!What choice do we had?! You know what, I find it ridiculous as i had my A&W under such circumstances. No kidding, okie, A&W was the only restr with so many empty table left while other restr having line of ppl waiting. Erm...

I wonder... will A&W be able to survive?
I ponder... how long then?

Carebear, it's just not your day yet... T_T

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