Monday, August 15, 2011

Burt's Bees craze

" I'm a Bees gurl but dont worry, i dont sting! :-) "

Shh..shh.... Alright, I'm not goin to discuss bout ordinary bees plzzzz!
So, behold people, this is the Burt's Bees I'm talking about!

Ever since i started using my first Bees, i fell deeply into it cus it's just not like any other lip balm!! I have sensitive lip and my lip dry / get chapped easily under cold temperature. So you have no idea how many lip moisturiser/lip balm i'd used & i can assure you none of 'em could compete this one!! Anyway, I'm not trying to exaggerate here as the Bees are really really gooood!! & i believe whoever try it will definitely fall into it too! yaiks!

Though it's 'lil pricy, but worth to use it on your lip for protection right? Esp its lasting cooling feeling, so soothing, so refreshing ,so mesmerising so ++ haha... and so many more!! But sadly, only few selected places sell this line of product & there're mainly in KL too! (since i moved out from kl, I have to crawl back to refil my stock - just kidding) That's why i bought so many at once! Oops... hehehehee.

*yawning* okie... bedtime... tomorrow gotta get up early! Oyasuminasai!!

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