Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bro outta town

Finally i hv a nag-free day! Due to some ++ works, my bro was sent outta town, wahaha! Wait, don't get me wrong first, not that i dislike my bro, just that he always nag at me while seeing me playing games; games that he thought very silly and kiddy! Hello, i don't think they are silly at all, okie, i jst like to play simple and stress-free games~ e.g. Big Fish games. I find myself addicted too much on BF games lately, it's because of the free sample version~ ( it's so easy, all you have to do is just download and install the BF Game Manager into our PC (which only takes few minutes). After that it works just like a hub to link you the games or to the BF web to get more games, although each game downloaded are just 60 minutes sample version. Erm, i know 60 minutes is not enough especially when you at the peak of the games! Arghh!! It happens alot on me, I really hate when i almost found some key object that required to bring up the next level and then the screen suddenly closed down! *sigh... sample version... that's their purpose afterall, to catch players' fancy and thus purchase the full version of the games. okie.

But in the other hand, there's so many people out there get the games cracked and have it's unlimited access into it which means you can play the full version for free! That's my alternative to play the game that i like after trying it at BF~. :-) and i am thrilled i even can continue from where i stopped at BF! Isn't it awesome?! so I save alot of time from starting it over again! yay! When i told my friends 'bout playing this 60minutes trial, they just shaking their head off, mm i guess they think playing game is just a complete waste of time?! That's so wrong! Playing games can release tension, some said playing strategy games can improve the way you're thinking, word games can strengthen your vocab?! erm, i'm sure they play their part in some ways.

As you can see games industry growing and expanding so fast, even the big big corp also at their good pace. Sony has PlayStation, Microsoft has Xbox, Nintendo has Wii....and lot more! blah blah blah! and blah blah! Surprisingly i still able to finf 5 game cartridges at home but where's the console?! I couldnt find it! These game cartridges bring out alot of childhood memories in me...'n my fav game at that time : Mario!

After so many years, video game consoles also has its revolution and now has evolved into another peaks... n you'd be playing them in 3D mode in the future~! Can't wait for it! :-) I used to be a game person, from this old game catridge - GameBoy - GameBoy Advance - PlayStation1 - PlayStation2 and now pc games. Yet, still got some of the games was left uncompleted~ erm seem that i don't hav the passion to finish those already. T__T.

Okay, back to what i'm playing now, a cute Hidden Object Game called Tulula: Legend of A Volcano...

I just finished Phantom of the opera, so gonna explore this game now... haha... i'd play and finish this and few more others before you come back!

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